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GayPatriot’s America Thursday night show with Kurt Schlichter

Good evening from GayPatriot Central Command.  I just had another successful show at BlogTalkRadio — no technical issues this time!  Sorry I didn’t have time for advance warning on the blog.  This is why you need to follow me on Twitterrrrrrrrr!  (@GayPatriot).

My guest tonight is conservative writer and all-around awesome guy, Kurt Schlichter.  It was a fantastic show and we both got each other fired up about how stupid liberals are.

Here’s your chance to listen!   GayPatriot’s America is also available on iTunes — just search for it and you’ll find it.

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PS – Next show will be Wednesday night, October 10 at 9PM Eastern.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)


I’m going to try again!  Maybe third time is as a charm for live BlogTalkRadio convention coverage from GayPatriot’s America??

I’m on some medium level painkillers for the torn muscle in my side (see earlier post about that drama….) so I’m going to be doing a live broadcast of the DNC from GayPatriot Central Command in Upstate SC tonight.  I have some call-in guests lined up, but I also plan to switch to the audio of the DNC for speeches by Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton.

And then switch back to me so I can snarkily rip them apart.  Plus YOUR calls, please! 

The show will air from 9PM to 11PM Eastern tonight.  Here’s the link to GayPatriot’s America on BlogTalkRadio. Note that the player below will not air tonight’s show until it begins.

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If you’d like to call, please do so after 9:30PM.  The call-in number is (646) 716-8574.

Cross your fingers for NO technical problems!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Special GayPatriot Podcast Report: On The Road To Tampa

This was mainly an excuse to test out my new audio equipment during tonight’s stopover in Tampa.

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More blogging and RNC coverage beginning tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

TONIGHT AT 9PM: GayPatriot’s America
With Guests Adam Baldwin & Lorie Byrd

Yes…. THAT Adam Baldwin, folks!

Tonight’s special guest for the first segment is TV/film actor and conservative author Adam Baldwin. Most of you know Adam for his work on NBC’s spy/comedy show “Chuck”. He’s had a successful Hollywood career for over 30 years including the role of “Animal Mother” in Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam War classic “Full Metal Jacket.” I first remember Adam when I was a kid and I saw the movie “My Bodyguard”. A classic!

Our second half-hour features fellow North Carolinian blogger Lorie Byrd. She was one of the original center-right bloggers back in the day.  Lorie was featured on PoliPundit, started Wizbang, and writes at her own blog Byrd Droppings. We’ll talk about the state of play in the crucial NC Congressional races.


Adam Baldwin:
Adam Baldwin on Twitter:

Lorie Byrd on Twitter:
Renee Ellmers for Congress:

Election Projection (The Blogging Caesar):

WSJ: Congressional Staffers Gain from Insider Trading

FOX News: Military/Overseas Americans May Be Disenfranchised on Election Day

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

TONIGHT at 8:30PM – GayPatriot’s America on BlogTalkRadio

Wow…. two weeks in a row, baby!  Tonight I’ll be talking with Ben Howe — a conservative activist and host of BTR’s “Renewing America”.  Ben attended the “Restoring Honor” rally in DC on Saturday and has some on-the-scene commentary to share. 

(Photo courtesy of Jon Ward from The Daily Caller)

Oh yeah… and I’m broadcasting tonight live from our nation’s capital — Washington, DC.  I couldn’t make it for the 8/28 rally, but I’m here this week for my “real” job.

And I’m just a few blocks from The White House.  Maybe I’ll hop on over to 1600 Penn Ave and ask Michelle for a crumpet.

Tune in tonight at 8:30PM for GayPatriot’s America.  We have a great chat room too!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot’s America — Listen to the Podcast!

Another one in the can!  Hopefully someday I’ll completely master uploading songs.  It was a great two hours and I’m so excited to have had two awesome guests.

Libertarian blogger and Tea Party activist Andrew Ian Dodge was my guest for Hour #1.  Check out Andrew’s work HERE.

And GOProud Executive Director Jimmy LaSalvia was my guest in Hour #2.  Please support Jimmy’s work & GOProud HERE.

Finally, I promised I would post this great video with music from the song “Crying Freedom” written by Andrew.  A great way to celebrate the awakening America — Cry Freedom!

GayPatriot’s America TWO HOUR BlogTalkRadio Show TONIGHT!

Yeah folks, no good TV on Mondays…. so I’m going for it!  Tune in tonight for TWO FULL HOURS at 8:00PM Eastern Time.

Tonight’s show will feature two notable conservative activists. Andrew Ian Dodge is a Tea Party mover & shaker in Maine. He’ll be on in our first hour. We’ll chat about the mid-terms & Andrew’s recent mention on the Rush Limbaugh program. Jimmy LaSalvia is executive director of GOProud – the only national gay conservative organization. We’ll discuss Ann Coulter & HomoCon 2010.

CLICK HERE at 8PM EASTERN to join the radio show and the always entertaining chat room!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Same Sex Sunday Political Panel

It is my second appearance!  This one is chock full of fireworks, trust me!  I was beat up on good… and gave back just as hard!!

The Political Panel is in the last third of the program. (click on the top one of the list)

Powered by

Same Sex Sunday begins with an interview of Congressmen Jim McDermott (D-WA). We discuss the holdup of the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) in the House, Citizens United, how to end the war in Afghanistan and much more.

Phil Reese and I also interview David Fleischer about his new study that, “changed everything we know about Proposition 8.”

The American Federation for Equal Rights is funding Perry vs Schwarzenegger for the Plaintiffs. Spokesperson Yusef Robb shares an exclusive update about the case after last week’s historic federal court ruling overturning Proposition 8.

And finally, the Same Sex Sunday round table returns when Courage Campaign‘s Rick Jacobs, journalist and LGBT POV blogger Karen Ocamb, California grassroots activist Sara Beth Brooks, Metro Weekly Senior Political Writer Chris Geidner, and blogger Bruce Carroll, debate and analyze the historic week.

You can subscribe to SameSexSunday on iTunes or join our Facebook page.

Enjoy the show!

Same Sex Sunday Political Panel

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 3:36 pm - June 27, 2010.
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I’m happy to announce my participation in the “Same Sex Sunday” podcast’s new political panel (think: “This Week” or “Fox News Sunday” but all LGBT).  I’m the proud token conservative!  LOL

This week, Phil interviews The Advocate magazine’s Chief Washington Correspondent, Kerry Eleveld about Tuesday’s White House LGBT Pride Reception, rumors of the departure of Rahm Emmanuel, and General McChrystal’s comments about the Commander In Chief’s executive branch (read her Advocate piece on the subject here). We also discuss Joint Chief Chair Admiral Mullen’s comments on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” review process, as well as the Supreme Court’s decision on hiding Washington Referendum 71’s petitioners’ names from Public Record.

Also in interviews, Joe chats with Charlene Strong about what it was like to be mentioned by the President at Tuesday’s White House LGBT Pride Reception speech. Joe and Charlene also speak about the documentary “For My Wife” about the death of Charlene’s same-sex spouse the influence that story had on the effort to bring Domestic Partnerships to Washington State.

Then, in our first ever politics round table, Bruce Carroll, Michael Crawford, Chris Geidner, Cathy Renna and Dr. Jillian Weiss join Joe and Phil to discuss the Supreme Court decision on Washington’s Referendum 71–Doe V Reed. We also discuss recent changes at Secretary Clinton’s State Department involving transgender Americans’ passport and employment in that department.

Our round table also debates where we are going with efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” White House Chief of Staff, Emanuel, Tuesday’s White House Pride reception, and the Labor Department’s new rules including same-sex partners and LGBT families in the Family and Medical Leave Act. We also talk about the first installment of CNN’s Gay in America series, “Gary and Tony have a Baby” with project consultant Cathy Renna, and finally we tackle where we are at on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

The actual podcast is at the bottom of this link.  I tried to embed it here, but no luck and I’m on a short time leash today.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be on, but the podcast airs every Sunday!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot On The Radio — Tonight at 10PM

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 8:34 pm - March 17, 2010.
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Please join me on the Wednesday night radio program — GayPatriot’s America — at  Tonight at 10PM Eastern.

Tonight’s guest is fellow conservative blogger and CPAC sponsor Kevin McKeever (aka – BankOfKev).

Tonight on GayPatriot’s America BlogTalkRadio Show:
Andy Levy from Redeye & Jimmy LaSalvia from GOProud

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:39 pm - March 3, 2010.
Filed under: Radio & Podcasts

Yep, I’ve scored two great guests.  First at the top of the 10:00PM hour, TV’s Andy Levy from the Fox News Channel’s top-rated “RedEye” program.  I’m expecting that the 30 minutes will be filled with two dry senses of humor battling each other!

Then at 10:30PM, I’ll be joined by Jimmy LaSalvia — Executive Director of GOProud.  We’ll talk about the CPAC fallout, plus current issues that the gay conservative group is working on.

Tune in LIVE or listen to the recorded show later.  But you just can’t miss these two great guests tonight!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

GayPatriot’s America LIVE tonight on BlogTalkRadio

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:40 pm - February 24, 2010.
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Listen in at 10pm as I interview Alexander McCobin.  Alexander is the young man from Students For Liberty who stood up at CPAC last Friday and PRAISED the American Conservative Union for including GOProud as a sponsor. Alexander spoke BEFORE Ryan Sorba’s anti-gay tirade from the same podium a few minutes later.

We’ll address the CPAC controversy but also talk about Alexander’s organization and the goals that they are working to achieve in the name of liberty & freedom.

The URL Link to GayPatriot’s America is here.  The call-in number is (646) 716-8574.

GayPatriot’s America Podcast TONIGHT

Since there doesn’t seem to be anything on the Boob Tube (oh, can I say that anymore?) tonight, I suggest you pop on over to our little podcast show tonight.

UPDATED: Listen to GayPatriot’s America right here, right now!



SUBSCRIBE TO GayPatriot’s America on iTunes.

We will be talking about a new documentary focusing on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the US government. The film is called Ask Not“.

ASK NOT is a rare and compelling exploration of the effects of the US military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The film exposes the tangled political battles that led to the discriminatory law and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage in 1993. Current and veteran gay soldiers reveal how “don’t ask, don’t tell” affects them during their tours of duty, as they struggle to maintain a double life, uncertain of whom they can trust. The film also explores how gay veterans and youth organizers are turning to forms of personal activism to overturn the policy. From a national speaking tour of conservative universities to protests at military recruitment offices, these public events question how the U.S. military can claim to represent democracy and freedom while denying one segment of the population the right to serve.

Our guests tonight include the Director/Producer of the film, Johnny Symons; Al Steinman – Rear Admiral (Retired), USPHS/USCG; and Jarrod Chlapowski & Alexander Nicholson – Deputy Director and Executive Director of Servicemembers United.

Please join in the discussion tonight at GayPatriot’s America!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from John, Average Gay Joe): It was truly a pleasure and an honor to speak with all of these gentlemen last night. I just wanted to share some links to websites that were referred to and others that you can visit for more information.

First of all, 3 of our guests have their own blogs which are interesting to read. For anyone currently serving in the military, thinking of joining or if you just want more information about efforts to repeal the DADT policy, you can contact them through these sites :

  • Admiral’s Call (Al Steinman)
  • Showers & Foxholes (Alex Nicholson)
  • Ground Coffee (Jarrod Chlapowski)
  • Secondly, in addition to Servicemembers United, other fine organizations working to have the ban repealed include the following:

  • American Veterans for Equal Rights
  • Integrity In Service
  • Michael D. Palm Center
  • Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
  • Thirdly, the predecessor group to Servicemembers United spoken about on the podcast, The Call to Duty Tour, has some excellent video and audio I highly recommend to learn more that can be found here. Although these folks were not on last night, if you are interested in listening to a podcast by a gay soldier and his straight buddies who are all currently serving, I highly recommend the DADT Podcast. It’s very entertaining!

    Finally, for those interested in giving support to our soldiers overseas, as one listener asked about, please check out some of the fine organizations listed below. Give generously as their service and sacrifices for the country are certainly worth it:

  • America Supports You
  • Any Soldier
  • Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund
  • Armed Forces Relief Trust
  • eCarePackage
  • Fisher House
  • Help For Heroes (UK)
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Semper Fi Fund
  • USO

    MONDAY MORNING FUNDRAISING UPDATE: Since we started our donation campaign last week, readers of GayPatriot have generously donated. Our total is up to $1010.00 . Awesome! Thank you!!

    Reminder, our goal is $5,000 in 30 days!


    For the past four years, we have brought a unique perspective on news, politics, the Islamist war on Western Civilization, and have become the home for American gay conservatives.

    Nearly all of the resources needed to start, maintain, and improve GayPatriot have come from the wallets of its creators.   We have maintained our editorial and financial independence since we began. 

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    Thank you all for your support throughout the past four years. 

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    **I’ve reposted this because I felt it got a little buried yesterday**

    Please listen to our latest “GayPatriot’s America” podcast.  On Monday, I interviewed Jonah Goldberg, columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Contributing Editor for the National Review. Jonah and I discussed his new book, Liberal Fascism. — a MUST read.

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    TUNE IN NOW: GayPatriot’s AmericaNew Hampshire Primary Show

    Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:00 pm - January 8, 2008.
    Filed under: 2008 Presidential Politics,Radio & Podcasts

    GayPatriot Election Night live radio coverage continues TONIGHT…
    with the New Hampshire Primary results and analysis.

    Please join us this evening from 9:00PM to 11:00PM EASTERN time as we learn who won the New Hampshire primary and debate the results. Please also CALL IN to the program! We’d love to have you as a guest.

    Special guests: Chris Crain, editor of who blogs at (and former editor of the Washington Blade), and the Weekly Standard’s Dean Barnett.

    Join the LIVE 2-hour GayPatriot’s America at BlogTalkRadio beginning at 9:00PM tonight.


    Listen to GayPatriot's America on internet talk radio

    CALL-IN NUMBER: (646) 716-8574

    Join us for live New Hampshire coverage….and be part of the conversation!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    UPDATE: Just heard from Steve Smith, Southern California Gay Outreach Director and Deputy Political Director for Obama’s California campaign, who’ll also be joining for a few minutes tonight. Steve was the first openly gay member of the Democratic National Committee.

    GayPatriot Election Night Broadcast — LIVEThe Iowa Caucuses

    I am thrilled to announce at least two of our special guests tomorrow night on our LIVE 2-hour GayPatriot’s America at BlogTalkRadio beginning at 9:00PM Eastern.

    Listen to GayPatriot's America on internet talk radio

    CALL-IN NUMBER:  (646) 716-8574 

    First up, and scheduled to call-in at the beginning of the show, will be Jim Geraghty from the National Review Online’s The Campaign Spot.  Jim is one of my favorite writers at National Review, and you may recall has great contacts (Obi-Wan) when it came to Election Nights 2000 and 2004.

    Also planning to call-in during our LIVE broadcast will be nationally-renowed gay author and activist, Wayne Besen.   Wayne and I probably disagree on most every issue (though one never knows!), so I am very much looking forward to his perspectives as the Iowa results become clear.

    More guests may be added … so stay tuned and CALL-IN tomorrow night!

    And if any of you are IN Iowa at any of the candidate’s HQ (volunteering, working or blogging), please drop me an email so we can fit you into the program as well!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    Podcast Interview of DADT Opponents

    Posted by Average Gay Joe at 3:30 pm - November 9, 2007.
    Filed under: Gays In Military,Radio & Podcasts

    On November 27th at 9 PM (Eastern), Gay Patriot’s America podcast will be hosting an interview with Alexander Nicholson and Jarrod Chlapowski of Servicemembers United. Both are gay veterans whose organization works for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law banning homosexuals from openly serving in all branches of the military. Join Bruce, Dan and I as we find out more about their personal stories and talk about the upcoming “tribute on the National Mall to honor the 12,000 Americans who have been discharged under the [DADT] law since its inception”. This tribute is currently scheduled Friday November 30 – Sunday December 2, 2007 in Washington, D.C. I will be there giving my own support and will report on the event at this blog and my own. If you are able to, please join us.

    To listen to great past interviews with Nicholson, Chlapowski and others from the Ramble Redhead podcast, along with links to videos and other information click here. On a somewhat related matter, The Frontlines is running an excellent series I recommend on other gay veterans during this week before Veterans Day.

    — John (Average Gay Joe)

    GayPatriot’s America Podcast:GayPatriotWest Treks Across America

    Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:14 pm - November 1, 2007.
    Filed under: Radio & Podcasts,Travel

    If you missed it, here is our BlogTalkRadio show from earlier this evening. Dan spoke about his recent road trip back and forth across the USA and John (AverageGayJoe) called in as well.

    And although the GPW Road Odyssey was the prime topic, we did venture into the political arena with some discussion about the Bill Clinton-signed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, and the recent anti-Romney ads by Log Cabin Republicans.


    As Campaign 2008 moves into high gear, we will be sure to have more “GayPatriot’s America” broadcasts on a regular basis. So stay tuned!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)

    UPDATE (on 11/2/07 by John @ Average Gay Joe):

    I enjoyed last night’s discussion and may join Dan and Bruce again on the podcast when I’m able to. If you haven’t listened to Gay Patriot’s America, please do. I thought I’d post some brief thoughts about what was talked about and provide some useful links as well:

    1. I for one really enjoyed Dan’s postings about his Cross Country Odyssey, but was also a bit disappointed too. I mean, he makes this great trek and stops to see rest areas but did what about sharing some culture, Dan, eh? I mean nothing says “America” like the World’s Largest Twine Ball, Truckhenge, or even stopping off to fill ‘er up at the Petrified Wood Gas Station. And what gay man wouldn’t stop at Dorothy’s Home? But noooooooo, Dan had to spend time with family. Sheesh, where are the man’s priorities?!?
    2. Sauron in a bikini-brief? Yeah that might have been a bit over-the-top but c’mon, there are a few in LOTR I wouldn’t have minded seeing in their undergarments.
    3. Is it Ja-KO-bee or JA-ko-bee? Beats me, but Sir Derek Jacobi is indeed an accomplished actor well worth seeing or listening to. His narration of The Illiad is superb and brings the story alive. Other audiobooks I mentioned in the podcast include Pyramid and 1000 Years of English Royalty. Also check out Sir Ian McKellen’s narration of The Odyssey, The Lord of the Rings, Anthony Everitt’s Augustus, Beowulf and Joseph Ellis’ Patriots.
    4. Bruce & Dan tried to keep me out until after the awards (my Preciousssssss!), but I picked the lock with just a strand of hair and some chewing gum. Who knew that all those years of watching MacGyver would come in handy like this one day? I wonder if posting nude photos of Hillary would go too far? MU-HA-HA-HA!
    5. Pretty cool that Dan got to meet Gateway Pundit, I’ve enjoyed his blog for quite awhile now. I’m a bit curious who the “reader in Columbus, Ohio” was he ate lunch with. Hmm…need better tracking software methinks.
    6. I enjoyed Dan’s tale about the time he spent with his niece, it made me think of my nephew. I wanted to mention that I had just purchased The Dangerous Book for Boys and we are having fun with the ideas on stuff to do. It really is a good book for boys, I may just have to keep it awhile to read through it myself!
    7. I’m pretty envious that Dan met Mary Cheney. I would enjoy a long conversation with her and to hear her perspective on important matters.
    8. I was surprised to hear about the event on November 30th in Washington, DC to “honor the 12,000 Americans who have been discharged under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law since its inception”. I’ll have to go and give my support not only for those who have served, but for the repeal of this law that prevents those willing and able to do so from serving. I’m glad that both Bruce and Dan caught LCR’s omission of the fact that this disgraceful act was passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress in 1993 and signed into law by Bill Clinton, who had lied to gay Americans in the campaign by promising to overturn the ban only to codify it with the stroke of a pen. Btw, former Marine Staff Sergeant Eric Alva I mentioned works with the Human Rights Campaign to get the ban lifted. As I said in the podcast, I have serious disagreements with HRC but though our politics differ I’ll put that aside in this one case. Alva himself is an impressive fellow whose service exemplifies honor, courage, sacrifice and what it means to be a Marine.
    9. In case you missed it, watch Hillary try and spin her way out of a gaffe on illegal immigration. Chris Dodd, of all people, came across as quite reasonable while Hillary looked like an idiot.

    Until the next time…

    GayPatriot’s America now at iTunes Store!

    Posted by Bruce Carroll at 9:34 pm - August 14, 2007.
    Filed under: Radio & Podcasts

    Hey gang.. pretty cool news for you tonight.  

    I just learned that “GayPatriot’s America” hosted at BlogTalkRadio is now also a podcast available for a free subscription at the iTunes Store.


    A new installment will be coming soon…. hopefully all the technical bugs will be ironed out!

    -Bruce (GayPatriot)