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From Caitlin Johnstone – in June, but still relevant:

The Democratic party built its entire presidential campaign upon the argument that Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic demagogue, so the American people must therefore rally against him. Since losing the presidential election, the Democratic party has revised its entire political strategy around an argument that is steeped in racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and demagoguery, and called the American people to rally behind it.

I found the whole article worthwhile. Ever-controversial, Johnstone makes a thing of former DNI James Clapper’s racial stereotyping of Russians and his obsessive talk of Russian “genes” and whatever Russians are, in his phrase, “genetically driven” to do. It might be possible to defend Clapper’s language as metaphorical; but just barely, and anyway, there’s no reason why I should do that work for him.

As to homophobia: Johnstone gives several examples of the Left doing homosexual imagery of Trump and Putin, as if it’s a reason to hate and fear both Trump and Russia.

As to xenophobia and demagoguery: Russians are the new Mexicans. Democrats accused Trump of wanting to demagogue Mexicans as a bogeyman; then proceeded to demagogue Russians as a bogeyman.

For those interested, Johnstone links The Big Fat Compendium Of Russiagate Debunkery, and Robert Parry’s debunking of the “17 intelligence agencies” canard.

This past week, many have noted that Special Counsel Mueller has moved his investigation to Trumpworld’s finances, and has impaneled a grand jury to bring possible charges in that area. That, right there, is an admission that there was never any Trump-Russia collusion. If Mueller could nail people for Trump-Russia collusion, he would. But he can’t. He is compelled to fish in other waters.

Do some people hate gays because they share feelings similar to our own?

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 2:31 pm - April 9, 2012.
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I have always objected to the term “homophobia” because it means fear of sameness and have always thought those who harbored anti-gay attitudes did so out of ignorance of or hostility toward people who differed from themselves. But, now we have one study suggesting that the word’s denotation might actually be accurate:

Homophobes could be attracted to people of the same sex but are not admitting it to themselves, a series of psychology studies has found.

Researchers in New York, Essex and California say they’ve found evidence that gays and lesbians remind homophobes of themselves – which is why they develop an intense aversion and fear of them.

They claim homophobic people tend to repress their true sexuality as they’ve often been brought up in families where being gay is not acceptable.

Via Hot Air headlines.  That does sometimes seem to be the case. Do recall Joseph Campbell once saying (I’m paraphrasing here), ask a man what he hates and that is his “shadow”, the part of himself that he tries to repress.

GOProud’s Barron & WND’s Farah To Clash This Week

Fireworks! Fireworks! Gay & Right-Wing Fireworks!

GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies, announced it has accepted World Net Daily’s offer to participate in a debate at their “Taking America Back” conference on September 17th in Miami, FL.

Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of GOProud’s board, will square off against World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah. “Since we announced that conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter would be headlining our Homocon 2010 in New York City, Farah has attacked GOProud, attacked Ann, and challenged our work almost every single day,” said Barron.

“I look forward to standing on the stage with Mr. Farah to defend GOProud, to debunk the misinformation he has spread, and to make the case for GOProud’s conservative mission.”

Farah and Barron have agreed to debate the thesis, “Is GOProud Conservative?” “I welcome the opportunity to debate whether GOProud is really a conservative organization. Our work on behalf of conservative policies and conservative candidates speaks for itself,” continued Barron. “The conservative movement is at a crossroads and this debate will display two very different visions for the road ahead,” concluded Barron.

Sound fun?  You can still attend….

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Obama Admin Officials:
Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are!

From Bill Moyers to Mike Rogers – liberals now have a documented history of shamelessly and ruthlessly rooting out The Gays(tm) who are in public service in Washington, DC.

So, since we have such an alleged “progressive” Administration now…. there is simply no reason for any gay or lesbian to be in the closet if they work in the Obama Executive branch.

Therefore, I am officially kicking off an effort to promote the openly gay and lesbian staff and officials who work in the Obama Administration.  Come out, come out, all of you!   I’m now accepting names and titles and will proudly publish them as I get them.   You can’t be afraid of anything — you work for the OBAMA Administration, right???

I fully expect liberals and progressives to avalanche me with emails with these out and proud public servants.  Again, there is simply no reason for all gay and lesbians in the Obama Administration to publicly declare their sexual orientation.

So let’s see how this turns out, folks.   My email address is BRUCE@GAYPATRIOT.ORG.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Mark Steyn More Interested in European Gay Bashing than Joe Solmonese?

I decided to buy the paperback edition of Mark Steyn’s soon-to-be-banned-in Canada book, America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, upon reading his post on the Corner noting that the introduction to that edition addresses “the Dutch gay-bashing spree.”

Mark is true to his word. On page xiii, he writes, “Gay-bashing is on the rise in the most famously ‘tolerant’ cites in Europe,” with half of the attacks in Amsterdam “committed by men of Moroccan origin.” Dutch researchers try to explain this away with theories of social marginalization and sexual insecurity, i.e., that the attackers are merely closeted gays.

Steyn, however, thinks there’s more to this increase than such politically correct explanations offered by liberal academics.

To be sure, the increase in gay-bashing helps confirm Steyn’s thesis about the perils of excessive tolerance of Muslim minorities in Europe. But, at least he’s talking about it.

Joe Solmonese, president of the largest gay political groups in the country, while ostensibly an advocate of gays, remains all but silent on an issue that Steyn, a leading conservative columnist, has addressed on more than one occasion.

I guess the increase in gay-bashings in Europe just doesn’t help confirm Solmonese’s theories about the need for more government to promote gay “equality.” Although many European nations, including the Netherlands have policies similar to those Joe advocates over here, gay-bashing is on the increase over there.

It would be nice if Joe and his confrères from other gay political outfits would show as much interest in the fates of our fellows in European nations as do conservative pundits.

Where’s The Outrage?
Dems Running Anti-Gay Campaign

Between Howard Dean promoting age discrimination against John McCain and Barack Obama’s trashing of religion, it is quite clear the Democrat Party will be declaring war on all sectors of traditional America in their campaign this year.

But going unnoticed is how the Democrats & Obama have swiftly thrown the gays under the bus already. Obama’s “Other Pastor” is stridently anti-gay. The Illinois Senator is snubbing local gay media across the nation. And where’s the outrage with this ad, from the DNC itself, with the rampant gay stereotypes?

One can only imagine the howls from the Hypocrite Rights Campaign if this were a Republican-produced ad! Shouldn’t the ‘Liberal Outers’ go after the producer of this ad as much as they did Republican gays working in Congress?

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Why Does Howard Dean Hate Gay People?

Perhaps “hate” is a strong word, but Howard Dean definitely suffers from “foot-in-mouth” disease when it comes to gay Americans.

First, his really big Gay Problem:

Two Thursdays ago, on March 6, Dean did a flurry of early morning television interviews on the political news du jour – the race for delegates and taking on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the general election – before heading to the law offices of Bernabei & Wachtel for the start of a 6 ½ hour grilling about why he authorized the firing of the DNC’s gay and lesbian outreach director, Donald Hitchcock.

Hitchcock filed his suit against the DNC last spring, a year after he was fired, alleging the DNC discriminated against him because he’s gay and retaliated against him because his life partner, well-known Democratic activist Paul Yandura, publicly criticized the Democratic Party for not doing more to fight anti-gay ballot initiatives. Hitchcock is asking for unspecified damages and severance pay.

The lawsuit and Dean’s deposition, a copy of which was obtained by the Sleuth, has dredged up long simmering tensions between the DNC and gay Democrats.

Dean sparked the ire of the gay community when he said in an interview in May of 2006 on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” hosted by evangelist Pat Robertson that the Democratic Party platform from 2004 states “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

He also defended his admittedly challenged gaydar while explaining why he doesn’t have a tally on the number of gay people he has appointed to the DNC. He doesn’t always know who’s gay. Even his gay staffers don’t have 100 percent accuracy in pinpointing other people’s sexual orientations, Dean said.

Can someone explain to me exactly why is Dean going around trying to snuff-out gays working at the DNC?  Sounds like a witchhunt similar to what liberal gay activists have undertaken before.

“Mr. [Andy] Tobias is openly gay, right? Yes,” Dean said, answering his own question. “But he has been wrong about how many people are gay before. He was shocked the other day. We did a big gay fundraiser and he couldn’t believe those people were gay.” (Tobias is treasurer of the DNC.)

Oh…. and Howard Dean doesn’t think much of free-thinking gay Republicans either:

Dean said that the Republican Party has scapegoated every ethnic group and therefore can’t create a multicultural identity and reach younger voters.

“They can’t become more diverse,” Dean said. “Who in their right mind, if they were African American or Hispanic or Asian American, if they were gay or lesbian, would join the Republican Party?”

Perhaps Dean can consult on his personal comfort issues with gay people with fellow Democrat, John Edwards.

In the book, he says he asked former Sen. John Edwards at the outset of his 1998 Senate campaign, “What is your position, Mr. Edwards, on gay rights?”

“I’m not comfortable around those people,” was Edwards’ reply, according to Shrum.

Is there some hangup that Democrat leaders have with gays that they must refer to us as “those people”?  They don’t seem to care when “us people” send them “our money” to fund the DNC’s divisive identity politics strategy.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Germany 2008, Dachau 1945: Never Again

I’m sitting in the Frankfurt Airport (4:30 AM Eastern Time) waiting for my flight to board.  I have been in Germany since February 23.  It was a combo work/leisure vacation as I spent a lot of time catching up on work-related projects and emails. 

I first traveled through Germany 20 years ago when I was a sophomore in college.  It was one of those “New Day, New City” tours with my former high school’s Senior Trip.  Twenty years ago, we were in WEST Germany… and I remember the country being much more “cold” than now. 

The past few days I have found the German people extremely friendly, very open and much more happy than I recall in late 1980s.  I guess the fall of Communism has something to do with that, no?


Yesterday, John and I spent most of the day at the Dachau Concentration Camp outside Munich.  Needless to say, it is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.  And yet, I only witnessed the sanitized shell of the hell that was systemized at that first Hitler death camp.   Every student across the globe should be made to spend a day at Dachau before they graduate high school.


New prisoners had to walk through the gates of Dachau which read “Through Work Brings Freedom.”  Another of Hitler’s lies of propaganda.

The rest of the photos are self-explanatory.



I choked up when I saw this plaque and the video scenes of the US Army liberating the near-dead camp survivors on April 29, 1945.   It is no wonder we call them “The Greatest Generation.”



I will post more pictures of the trip this week as well.

For now, guten tag…. and hello America, here I come!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

#1 Amazon Book: Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

I just added this book to my “in the mail” list. 


I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks anyway, but now it has hit the #1 spot on

Liberal Fascism offers a startling new perspective on the theories and practices that define fascist politics. Replacing conveniently manufactured myths with surprising and enlightening research, Jonah Goldberg reminds us that the original fascists were really on the left, and that liberals from Woodrow Wilson to FDR to Hillary Clinton have advocated policies and principles remarkably similar to those of Hitler’s National Socialism and Mussolini’s Fascism.

Contrary to what most people think, the Nazis were ardent socialists (hence the term “National socialism”). They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and inserted the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life.  The Nazis declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control.  They loathed the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly, and maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities—where campus speech codes were all the rage.  The Nazis led the world in organic farming and alternative medicine.  Hitler was a strict vegetarian, and Himmler was an animal rights activist.

Do these striking parallels mean that today’s liberals are genocidal maniacs, intent on conquering the world and imposing a new racial order?  Not at all.  Yet it is hard to deny that modern progressivism and classical fascism shared the same intellectual roots. We often forget, for example, that Mussolini and Hitler had many admirers in the United States. W.E.B. Du Bois was inspired by Hitler’s Germany, and Irving Berlin praised Mussolini in song.

Many of today’s progressives would probably be better categorized as “closet fascists” — they don’t openly praise the global Islamic fascism movement; but they certainly denounce efforts to combat it, and create moral equivalency with Islamic terrorists and Western governments.

I’m glad this must-read is on its way to me now!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

UPDATE (from Dan): I was pleased to see the book prominently displayed at the Borders in the Greater Cincinnati Airport. I bought a conservative book not so prominently displayed, Laura Ingraham’s Power to the People. But, I just ordered Jonah’s book from Amazon. I look forward to reading it.

Another Gay Man Executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Theocracy of Peace has taken another human life simply because they are gay.

The Death Sentence of Makwan Has Been Carried Out –

Makwan Moloudzadeh was 21-years-old. He was murdered by his butchers inside Kermanshah prison where he was detained after being sentenced to death for “lavat” (sodomy). The boy, according to the Iranian judges, was “guilty” of having loved a peer when he was 13 and having sexual intercourse with him. The execution took place yesterday (December 5th, 2007) in the above-mentioned prison in the north-west of Iran at five in the morning (Iranian time). The sentence was carried out among the total silence of the press, institutions and associations. They did not even trouble to inform Makwan’s lawyer, father and uncle, with whom EveryOne Group (who had just launched the international “hearts campaign” to save Makwan’s life) was in contact with.

“We were devastated to hear the news” say the leaders of EveryOne Roberto Malini, Matteo Pegoraro and Dario Picciau. “We are still receiving hundreds of emails from all over the world in support of the campaign for Makwan’s life; from international political figures, activists and everyday citizens. The news of his death has stunned everyone, because only a few days ago the Iranian Head of the Judiciary, l’Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi had suspended the sentence, manifesting the intention of granting Makwan a pardon”.

You mean Iran goes back on its word? I’m shocked. Yet, potential Presidents-to-be Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to negotiate with our enemies who do this, and still the gay community fawns at their feet. Incredible.

And for those slow folks out there, a quick reminder: Iran is not a Christian, nor a Jewish state.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Hate Speech vs. Free Speech: UK Tackles Issue

It seems the United Kingdom is grappling with the equivalent to our “hate crimes” debate….. except Labour’s proposal would infringe on our First Amendment.

Peter Tatchell, one of the most consistently principled gay activists in the world, is troubled by the proposed crackdown on “hate speech” in Britain.  (Read the whole thing!)

Jack Straw has decided to introduce yet another criminal offence, adding to the 3,000 new crimes Labour has introduced since it came to power in 1997. This latest offence will prohibit the incitement of homophobic hatred.

It is intended to help tackle anti-queer prejudice, which is a good intention. But will this legislation work? Is it necessary? Might it not lead to infringements of free speech? Are there more effective ways to challenge homophobia and other hateful incitements?

A much more important issue is the fact that the government, police and prosecution service are failing to enforce the laws prohibiting the incitement of actual violence and murder against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Inciting violence and murder is much worse, in my view, than inciting hate. Yet the relevant laws are often not enforced. Why not?


Likewise, some fundamentalist Muslim clerics, on the extremist wing of Islam, openly urge the killing of gay people, unchaste women and Muslims who turn away from their faith. In east London in 2005, hate preacher Abdul Muhid of the pro-jihad Saviour Sect, urged the murder of homosexuals. Despite witnesses willing to go to court, the Crown Prosecution Service refused to prosecute him. Yet when the Islamist Abdullah el-Faisal incited the murder of Jews, Hindus and Americans in 2003 he was promptly arrested, convicted and jailed.  More double standards.

The non-prosecution of Muslim clerics who incite the murder of gay people is a tragic betrayal of vulnerable gay and lesbian Muslims.  They live in fear of the homophobic violence that is being stirred up by Islamist extremists.  What signal does this official hands-off attitude send to queer Muslims?  That the government does not care about their suffering?  Police and CPS inaction gives homophobic persecutors a de facto green light to continue their violent threats.

Introducing legislation prohibiting the incitement of homophobic hatred seems a bit amiss when already-existing laws are not being enforced against the much more serious crimes of inciting violence and murder.  Please, Mr Straw, ensure the enforcement of the current laws before you start introducing new ones.

Sounds like a vaguely familiar debate, no?

The most troubling part of this article is the fact that it makes me wonder:  Where are the principled American gay activists with an intellectual strength like Peter’s?   Why don’t American gay activists see the real threat to gays by Islamists as opposed to their puffed-up threat-mongering splashed against Republicans?

Ah yes, silly me.  The answer is clear:  Democrat fundraising needs.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Translating Iranian President’s Ground Zero Interest

After reading the brief transcript of CBS’ Scott Pelley’s interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I realized this was definitely a case where things must be getting lost in translation….or at the very least you had to read between the lines.

So let me try my best to translate from Islamoterrorese to English:

PELLEY: Mr. President, do you intend to press your request to visit the World Trade Center site?

AHMADINEJAD: Well, it was included in my program. If we have the time and the conditions are conducive, I will try to do that.

[GP translation:  “I can do whatever I want… I’m a prophet from the 12th Imam!  And, by the way, if I happen to see a woman without a burka or one of those filthy homosexuals near Ground Zero, I’m throwing both of them into that big hole so they are closer to the burning hell they belong in.”]

PELLEY: But the New York Police Department and others do not appear to want you there. Do you intend to go there anyway?

AHMADINEJAD: Well, over there, local officials need to make the necessary coordinations. If they can’t do that, I won’t insist.

[GP translation:  “I’m not going down there alone, dawg!  Isn’t that crazy Rudy G still the mayor?  He still has a chip on his shoulder about my terror-brother bin Laden… I’m afraid Rudy might take me out.  Go there alone?  You are silly one, aren’t you.”]

PELLEY: Sir, what were you thinking? The World Trade Center site is the most sensitive place in the American heart, and you must have known that visiting there would be insulting to many, many Americans.

AHMADINEJAD: Why should it be insulting?

[GP translation:  “Nah, that’s not insulting.  What would be insulting is a country that holds American hostages for 444 days and then elects one of the hostage takers as their President 30 years later…. and then that leader speaks at a major US university… now THAT should be insulting to the Great Satan.”]

PELLEY: But the American people, sir, believe that your country is a terrorist nation, exporting terrorism in the world. You must have known that visiting the World Trade Center site would infuriate many Americans.

AHMADINEJAD: Well, I’m amazed. How can you speak for the whole of the American nation?

[GP translation:  “You are only a filthy media beast.  The government tells you what to say — like in Iran.  You can’t possibly speak for every American.  .”]

PELLEY: Well, the American nation–

AHMADINEJAD: You are representing a media and you’re a reporter. The American nation is made up of 300 million people. There are different points of view over there.

[GP translation:  “Well, Scott … thanks to our propaganda and your media’s willingness to peddle it unchecked, you and I have duped half of the American public into thinking their country is evil and their own President is Hitler.  Is that awesome or what? 

So you can’t possibly be speaking for those folks… they are just my useful idiots.  And those Democrats love me and recite my own talking points…. And [*laughs*] those stupid Democrats don’t even mind that Iranian troops and terrorists are killing the troops they “say” they support.  Hell, I’m just wanting to visit New York to save Nancy Pelosi the airfare costs from San Fran to Tehran.  I can’t wait to give her a big kiss.   Then I’m throwing her to the dogs of hell, too.”]

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The Missing Question at the “Gay Debate” Last Week

First of all…I’m a really bad PajamasMedia blogger.  (*hangs head*)   I promised to do a “pre-Gay Debate” posting for the PJM gang as exclusive content.   But then the podcast thing happened…. and there’s some work stuff going on right now – you, know the REAL the job that pays the mortgage.

Anyway, on the scribbled notes I wrote to use in my now outdated “pre-debate” piece… I predicted that there would be several questions NOT ASKED by the HRC/LOGO panel to the Democratic Presidential candidates.

At the top of the list of “Questions We Cannot Speak Of” was some iteration of the following:  “How would you, as President, aggressively confront the specific and growing threat to the existence of gay community in America, Western Europe and throughout the world due to the targeting of gays by Islamic fundamentalists.”    And just as I thought, the topic was completely ignored in the same way that questions about Bill Clinton sexually harassing women and John Edwards’ fake war on poverty were avoided.

In fact, we discussed the “Topic The American Gay Community Doesn’t Speak Of” thoroughly on our post-Gay Debate podcast with Washington Blade Editor Kevin Naff.   Kevin and I agreed:  the lack of attention to the threat by Islamic fundamentalism by the Human Rights Campaign and other American gay groups is a human rights malpractice (my words).

Roger Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media also agrees… and beat me to the punch with this spot-on reflection of the “Topic The Gay Community Doesn’t Speak Of.”

So I would like to ask if anyone mentioned the huge elephant in the room and I don’t mean Republicans. I mean Islamic fascism and its outright assault on gays and women beyond anything that has ever been conceived in our culture. Did Melissa Etheridge and her fellow and gal panelists show any interest in that? Did the candidates?

Of course not, Melissa Etheridge was too busy fawning over Dennis Kucinich and expressing concern about some New Mexico version of “spotted owls” to be worried about her head being severed simply for being a lesbian.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Christians & Homophobia

Posted by Average Gay Joe at 6:51 pm - June 11, 2007.
Filed under: General,Real Homophobia

My apologies to Bruce and Dan if it may seem that I’m hogging their blog today, but I wanted to share this video I made. The term “homophobia” certainly isn’t perfect and is often misused for political purposes, yet there are cases where it does fit. When it comes to violence and real bigotry against gays, I have no problem calling a spade a spade and religious beliefs are not an excuse to avoid the truth of the matter. This video was put together out of frustration with so-called Christians who claim to love gays while continuing to spout nothing but pure hatred against us. It might seem like a general indictment but isn’t intended as such. I know that not all Christians are like this, I am just weary of those who are filled with such hatred which seems to go against what their faith is all about. Believing something is a sin is one thing, treating others with malice and hatred in the name of God is something entirely different. All the people shown in this video were driven to suicide or were murdered because they were gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Is this what the “love of Christ” is supposed to be about? Somehow I don’t think so…

— John (Average Gay Joe)

UPDATE: Some people have apparently misunderstood the point of this video. To clear up any confusion: 1) this was an amateur video and showed be viewed as such; 2) it wasn’t aimed at all Christians; 3) those who believe homosexual relations are sinful were not necessarily included as well (those who condemn the orientation itself is a different matter); 4) The point of the video was not that Christians are bad (which would be self-loathing of me) nor that each are personally responsible for the suicides/murders of the people in the video. There is responsibility for those who directly commit the act, those who personally did nothing to prevent it and those who allowed their hatred to contribute to a climate in which such acts are done.

As requested by some, here is the breakdown of the people in the video, you can Google the names for more:

Suicide: Billy Clayton, Billy Jack Gaither, Robbie Kirkland, Joey Lipitz, & Bruce David Michaels.

Murdered: Scott Bernard Amedure, Steen Keith Fenwich, Laquanda Johnson, Fred C. Martinez, Jr., Phoebe Myrie, Allen R. Schindler, Jr., Matthew Shepard, Arthur Carl Warren, Barry Winchell, & Candice Williams.