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Well, This Should Be Entertaining and Informative

A Swedish Nationalist Group is planning on routing a gay pride parade through a Mohammedan neighborhood.

Gay pride parades in Europe generally don’t go anywhere near Muslim areas, for obvious reasons. In Nørrebro, Copenhagen (where only 30% of the population are Muslim, as opposed to the more than 75% in the Swedish areas), gay pride parades learned the hard way not to tread within Islamic strongholds. Formerly, there was a large gay pride parade that went through Nørrebrogade (the main high street of the area). Gays would take stones to the head every year from Muslims, so they re-routed.

There are no plans to force the Mohammedans to bake cakes, for them, however.

BTW: Mohammedan Immigrants to the USA are eager to set-up “No-go” zones here as well.

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Weasel Zippers is doing a nice job telling the life stories of the five Marines and Sailors killed by the immigrant Jihadist the media don’t want to talk about.

The mainstream media, on the other hand, is more interested in humanizing and sympathetically portraying the Mohammedan who murdered these men. The MFM herd seems to be converging on the narrative that Mohammed Youssuf Abudlazeez was just a nice young man who, for some mysterious reason (probably American racism and intolerance) made some bad choices.

While You Were Busy High-Fiving Each Other

While American gays were wallowing in self-centered narcissism and spite

On Friday my phone was blowing up with messages, asking if I’d seen the news. Some expressed disbelief at the headlines. Many said they were crying.

None of them were talking about the dozens of people gunned down in Sousse, Tunisia, by a man who, dressed as a tourist, had hidden his Kalashnikov inside a beach umbrella. Not one was crying over the beheading in a terrorist attack at a chemical factory near Lyon, France. The victim’s head was found on a pike near the factory, his body covered with Arabic inscriptions. And no Facebook friends mentioned the first suicide bombing in Kuwait in more than two decades, in which 27 people were murdered in one of the oldest Shiite mosques in the country.

They were talking about the only news that mattered: gay marriage.

Not all the gay lefties were high-fiving each other; some were being bitter and hateful. So, I guess, it was just another day to them.

Disparate Treatment

Posted by V the K at 12:10 pm - June 4, 2015.
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This is interesting.

An official with the jihad-advocacy group CAIR has been arrested in a pedophile sting operation after attempting to meet up with a “12 year old girl” who turned out to be several adult cops.

Same fella used to run a camp for Mohammedan yewts.

Seems like this story has been receiving considerably less coverage than the Josh Duggar thing, doesn’t it?

Also, United Airlines has apologized to the Islamist who threw a tantrum because an infidel flight attendant insisted on treating her like every other passenger instead of a privileged Mohammedan overlord who is entitled her own can of Diet Coke (unlike other passengers who get like a third of a can in a little plastic cup.) CAIR is disappointed that UAL simply fired the flight attendant. I guess she should have been beheaded or something.

If ISIS Refused to Bake a Cake for a Gay Wedding, Would the Left Finally Care?

Posted by V the K at 6:14 pm - June 2, 2015.
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ISIS murdered some more gays while a crowd of moderate Muslims cheered.


I guess that was pretty bad. But remember, according to progressive leftists, these people are exactly as evil as Christians in the United States who don’t want to bake cakes for gay weddings, Tea Partiers who want the Government to be fiscally responsible, and Republicans who expect women to pay for their own birth control.

All right, you  may now go back to paying attention to the rich white celebrity who got a sex change. (He’s a hero.)

Mohammedan Snowflake Whines About Bad Airline Service

Posted by V the K at 9:16 am - June 1, 2015.
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A Mohammedan woman is whining/wailing/throwing a hissy fit because she didn’t like the way she was served a Diet Coke on a United Airlines flight. Her fellow Mohammdans are threatening a boycott.

As someone commented, “this is unquestioningly the most shocking event in history involving Muslims and airplanes.”


Who’s More Tolerant? Westboro “Baptists” or “Moderate” Muslims?

Posted by V the K at 8:45 pm - May 11, 2015.
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Steven Crowder saying what I have always said. The Westboro Baptists are an obnoxious but ultimately harmless little street theater troupe. A far larger number of Mohammedans want to kill you.

As a lefty, you live to talk about the Westboro Baptist Church. Even though they have less members that the over 60 Bieber fan-club, you give them a microphone as early and often as possible. And why wouldn’t you? In an attempt to justify your hypothesis of Christian hatred/extremism, they can make your case more effectively than you could ever imagine.

The only problem is that you and I both know they share nothing in common with mainstream Christianity. Any time they’re given the pulpit, they are quickly and universally condemned by Christians of all walks and denominations. Pity. You really were hoping they’d be relevant, I know.

Contrast that with the “moderate” Muslims you so fervently defend. The over EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION MUSLIMS (thats 800,000,000) either support Sharia law, support the killing of converts, encourage laws in violation of women’s rights, and yes, openly support the prosecution and punishment of anyone who draws the (false) prophet Muhammad.

Even if we take the WBC at their word (I don’t), they represent only themselves, not Christianity as a whole. And even at that the WBC has never advocated the murder of homosexuals. “Turn or burn” is meant as a warning, not two options they are giving you. On the other hand, ISIS, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ali Muhammed Brown, the Palestinian Authorities… they not only threaten to murder gays, they actually do it.


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Tammy Bruce Explains Why #JeSuisGarland Is Not a Trending Hashtag

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Would Christians be Justified in Terrorist Acts Against Anti-Christian Gays?

Posted by V the K at 6:22 pm - May 4, 2015.
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Ace asks in response to the media’s response to an attempt by Mohammedans to commit mass murder at an art exhibition deemed “offensive” to Muslims. The media are blaming the (would be) victims of the attacks; “Of course, we’re not justifying the attack,” they say just as they’re about to justify the attack. “And, of course, you have free speech, but if you offend Muslims, they’re an ornery and violent people. So, maybe you should show more respect to the Muslim faith.”

Meanwhile, anti-Christian expression runs rampant through the gay community, whether it is the obnoxious “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” or “Hunky Jesus” competitions. Or this…


Now, Christians being tolerant, put up with this sort of stuff all the time. But suppose some Christians did shoot up or bomb an anti-Christian art festival. Would any of these, “Yes, Free Speech, but…” leftists be saying the victims had it coming to them?

Can you imagine anyone in the mainstream media saying, “Maybe you should show more respect to the Christian faith.” Ever? Under and any circumstances?

ISIS Stones Gay Couple to Death

Posted by V the K at 7:09 pm - April 24, 2015.
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While the American Gay Left still acts as though referring a gay couple to different bakery/florist/photographer is the most horrible violation of human rights evah… this is what’s going on with the people we’re not supposed to talk about.

Depraved militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally stoned two gay men to death only seconds after they were photographed embracing and ‘forgiving’ them.

Huge, bloodthirsty crowds are seen in the desert clearing where the group of executioners made a display of hugging the blindfolded couple and telling them they were forgiven of their ‘sins’, before pummeling them to death with hundreds of fist-sized rocks.

To quote the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University. “Yawn.”

Mohammedan Cab Driver Assaults Gay Men

Posted by V the K at 3:28 pm - April 10, 2015.
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Not expecting the progressive left to make a big deal about this. Bashing Christians is easy because of that “turn the other cheek” stuff. The left is far less willing to confront violent Mohammedans… all the while insisting that it’s a racist stereotype to depict Mohammedans as potentially violent and unreasonable people.

A taxi driver contacted through an Uber app has been arrested for allegedly kicking two gay men out of his car last week when they kissed, according to Chicago police.

Mahdi Hared, of the 6500 block of South Sacramento Avenue, was charged with one count of aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon and battery, both misdemeanors, police said.

Isn’t it strange how the article plays up the involvement of Uber in this? The name “Uber” appears five times in the article. The name of the homophobic cabbie appears only three times? All they did was supply the app that connected the driver to the gay dudes. It’s like blaming Grindr if you hook up with a guy and get an STD.

Oh, wait…

Insanity Is Just Another Day

Posted by V the K at 2:58 pm - April 10, 2015.
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While left-wing American gays were wailing and gnashing their teeth and concocting ridiculous conspiracy theories because  the owners of a Mom-and-Pop pizza restaurant said they would prefer not to be forced by the State into participating in a gay wedding ceremony… the “not at all Islamic” (according to the President) Mohammedans of the Islamic State stoned another gay man to death. Meanwhile, left-wing American gays cheered for the president’s plan to allow radical Mohammedans to acquire nuclear weapons.

Seems like insanity to me, but there you have it.

But while the president hasn’t criticized ISIS or his Iranian comrades for their murders of gays, he did take the occasion of Easter to make snide remarks about Christians who don’t support his or the Gay Agenda enough.

ISIS terrorists have also raped and impregnated a nine-year old girl, but considering the founder of their religion did the same thing… Anyway, American feminists weren’t upset about that; nowhere near as upset as they were when that rocket scientist wore a Hawaiian shirt that depicted attractive women.

It amazes me that full-on barbarians like ISIS are allowed to exist when there is clearly enough firepower among the civilized nations to exterminate them.

Instead, the savages of ISIS are apparently more welcome on American college campuses than representatives of the pro-gay, pro-women, democratic state of Israel.

Meanwhile, one of the peaceful, totes patriotic “New Americans” the Democrats are so eager to welcome to this country with Amnesty, welfare, and jobs and educational opportunities stolen from native-born Americans… had this to say about her adopted country.

“I will never forget it. May god bless those who helped my son. The terrorists are the Americans and everyone knows it. My son is the best of the best.”

Her son set off a bomb at the Boston Marathon that killed an eight-year-old boy and two other people.

‘Violent Extremists’ of No Particular Religious Persuasion Threaten Gays… Again

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The Islamic State threatens to conquer Italy and murder gays with pizza, or something. 25EB9ABB00000578-2963229-image-a-8_1424551823062   … Remember, your genius President says they have ‘legitimate grievances,’ unlike those wingnut Tea Partier

Checking in with the Religion of Peace

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Within the Islamic State (which according to the Obama Regime is neither Islamic nor a state) exercised its authority within the defined geographical over which it has complete legal authority (i.e. a state)  in support of Sharia (i.e. the Islamic law the Islamic State claims as the basis of its authority) and committed the following acts.

And the number of people murdered by Organized Christian Forces for not following Biblical Law remains at 0.

Also, the Saudi government police chopped off a woman’s head in the middle of Islam’s Holiest City. No word from the Obama Regime on whether that was True Islam or not.

Islam: The Thinking Person’s Dilemma

Posted by V the K at 1:25 pm - January 17, 2015.
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You could write about how hard it is to come to an opinion on Islam, and whether Islam itself is responsible for the terror committed in its name. Or, is it true what the politicians say, and Islam itself is a “religion of peace” hijacked by radicals. I am going to try to jam a lot of thoughts into a post without making it TLDR, and hopefully provoke some contentious, internets-worthy debate.

It’s easy to take a knee-jerk position on Islam and terror. The knee-jerk progressive left tree hugger special snowflake position is that “Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism, and to think so is racist against millions of Islamics who haven’t directly committed an act of terror.” Because, you know, no one knows better than secular Western leftists what the True Spirit of Islam is.

It’s easy to want to believe this take, because Gen X and each succeeding generation have been indoctrinated in multiculturalism and taught that, literally, the worst sin a person could commit is being a racist, worse than murder or rape, or even child-rape. Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl, Victor Salva raped an 11 year old boy and both are respected in the show business world. Paula Deen used a racial slur 25 years ago and her show business career is over. So, being racist carries more social stigma than child rape and it’s pretty easy to just go along with the notion that it’s unfair to try and think there’s something wrong with Islam. But on the other hand, we confront the nagging reality that Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and Presbyterians aren’t blowing up people every day in the name of religion.

And we *want* to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, not just because of the indoctrination we’ve been getting since childhood, but because it offends the rational part of our brain to write off an entire culture of people. The rational part of our brain also recognizes that however many Mohammedans there are in the world, it’s obvious that a vast majority of them are not committing terrorist acts. We can accept the idea that it’s just a fringe group of whackjobs. (Granted, even if that fringe is only 10% of Muslims, that’s still over 100M people we have to worry about. That’s a problem.)


Oh, For Set’s Sake, Stop Calling Him ‘The Prophet,’ You Leftist Suck-Ups

Posted by V the K at 8:10 pm - January 8, 2015.
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I have a bone to pick with the way some media outlets have been referring to Muhammed as ‘The Prophet’ in order to gain favor with the Islamists they admire and with the Emperor who has stated that “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet of Islam.”

Just can it, already. First of all, everybody can spot your faux-Cosmopolitan affectation; it’s as phony as going out of the way to pronounce Spanish names with an exaggerated Hispanic accent, or the way the Emperor says ‘Pah-Kee-Stahn.’ Second, I belong to a church that is led by a living Prophet. Sucking up to the Mohammedans by acting as though their “prophet” is the only one is disrespectful and insulting, not just to my religion, but also to Christians and Jews who revere Biblical Prophets such as Isaiah, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah… and so forth.

It also tells us much that the only religion you even feign respect for is the one that will kill you if you don’t.



Some News Items for your consideration

Good Luck with That

Posted by V the K at 7:16 am - November 10, 2014.
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Not sure where this comes from, except the land of delusional leftism.


Five Acts of Islamic Terror the US Government Won’t Call Islamic Terror

Posted by V the K at 8:49 am - September 29, 2014.
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A Mohammedan beheaded a female co-worker in Oklahoma last week in an act the Obama Regime is labeling “workplace violence.” Another Mohammedan has committed a series of killings of Americans in order to “avenge” the deaths of his fellow Mohammedans, but it is not being investigated as Islamist terror.

The Government of the United States is pathologically averse to labeling acts of violence committed by Mohammedans for the purpose of waging jihad as “Islamic terror.” Here are some examples.

  • Fort Hood Mass Shooting - Islamist Army Major Nadal Hassan shot and killed 13 people while shouting “Allahu Akhbar!”  (Note, a Clinton Era policy requires American military personnel to be disarmed while on base; which is why no one was able to stop the shooting.) The Obama Administration has officially labeled this an act of “workplace violence,” not Islamic Terror.
  • Trolley Square Shootings – February 12, 2007, A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine’s Day cards at a gift shop, shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” Five people were killed, four injured. Not an act of terrorism according to the FBI, who claim it is impossible to discern any motive behind the attack.
  • The Beltway Sniper Attacks of 2002 – John Allen Muhammed — a member of the Nation of Islam and jihadist — killed 10 people one-by-one in a terror campaigned accompanied by his catamite, Lee Boyd Malvo. Muhemmed was charged and tried as a terrorist… by the State of Virginia, not by the Federal Government. The Federal Government does not regard the Beltway shootings as Islamic Terror.
  • Egyptair Flight 990 – In October 1999, a radicalized Egyptian pilot seized the controls of a Transatlantic jet and plunged it into the ocean shouting, “I rely on Allah.” 217 people were killed, including 100 Americans. The destruction of Flight 990 is not considered an act of terror by the US Government.
  • Any Act of Savagery Committed by the Islamic State – According to the Obama Administration, the Islamic State is not really Islamic (despite their state goal of establishing an, um, Islamic State). Ipso facto, nothing they do constitutes Islamic Terrorism.

You may draw your own conclusions about why the United States Government is so reluctant to address these incidents as terroristic violence motivated by jihad. [And maybe terrorism isn't quite the right word for when Mohammedans kill people they hate for not being Mohammedans, but there should be such a word, yes?]

Update: In addition to denying that Islamic Terrorist exists, the Obama Administration is also apparently making up fake Islamic terror groups so they can launch pretend attacks against pretend groups and pretend to look tough before the election.