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Is the GOP Stupid, Crazy, or Do They Just Not Give a Damn?

Posted by V the K at 11:26 am - January 27, 2014.
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Apparently, the GOP is hearing from their highly paid consultants that their best political and electoral strategy for 2014 is to alienate the base and cave to Obama. Consider:

Wouldn’t it be cool if, while John Boehner was sitting behind the SCOAMF on the dais tonight, he held periodically held up placards with the names Brian Terry, and the four people who died in Benghzi behind him? Yeah, that would be cool. But like the rest of the GOP, Boehner’s about as limp and useless as Bob Dole’s genitals.

You can attribute the GOP’s odd behavior to following misguided advice from consultants, a consequence of being in the Beltway Bubble, or simple corruption resulting from pressure from their big donors. I would hazard that the GOP leadership has given up. They don’t see any point in fighting Obama’s policies, and they never really bought into that Tea Party limited Government and Fiscal responsibility stuff, so they just don’t care. They agree with me and Mitt Romney that the country is unsalvageable, and have joined the “Let it burn” club.

Karl Rove Is on a Mission to Destroy the Republican Party

Christy Waters at the Conservative Report Online makes a compelling case that Karl Rove is doing more to advance the progressive agenda than the entire evening line-up at MSDNC.

  • Under George W. Bush, undertook a massive expansion of the regulatory and welfare state in the name of “Compassionate Conservatism.”
  • Used Republican Party resources to support Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, and Charlie Crist against more conservative primary challengers; all three of those gents left the party, two becoming Democrats.
  • Advised Republicans to support another unpopular foreign war (Syria).
  • Supports an Amnesty plan that will drive down the wages of American workers and flood elections with 10-20 million new Democrat voters.
  • Is actively seeking to drive a third to a half of the Republican base (Tea Party conservatives) out of the party.

If Karl Rove and the Republican Establishment have their way, the party will be diminished to what it was in the pre-Reagan Era: a permanent minority of ineffectual moderates content with whatever crumbs the Democrats toss them.

They are perfectly fine with this, as long as the crumbs are big enough.

Chris Christie Is a Jerk? Who Knew?

Chris Christie’s administration decided to punish the Governor’s opponents by creating massive traffic jams in a town that didn’t vote for him.

Earlier today, broke a story that several top aides to Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) conspired to create massive traffic jams in order to punish a town whose mayor failed to endorse Christie’s re-election bid.

According to e-mails obtained by the publication, several of Christie’s top aides — including his deputy chief of staff and a senior executive with the state’s Port Authority — ordered lane closures on the already overburdened George Washington Bridge to get revenge against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich.

This kind of thing is obviously not a scandal when a Democrat does it. The SCOAMF vindictively closed national parks and monuments to punish voters during the Government shutdown, and the MFM had his hack. It remains to be seen if the MFM will protect their designated Republican loser favorite Republican the same way.

Update: Taking a cue from the man he helped re-elect in 2012, Christie claims he was completely ignorant of what his administration was doing and only found out about it when he read it in the papers.

Republicans Pick a Really Stupid Time to Abandon Limited Government

So, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner (and Paul Ryan) have declared War on the Tea Party because they say that people concerned about Big Government represent a crazy, ‘whackobird’ fringe and supporting fiscal restraint and limited Government will lead to electoral oblivion because Big Government is, like, uber-popular (the New York Times says so and Rachel Maddow agrees) and what Americans really want is $63Billion in new spending, a replacement for Obamacare that still puts the Government in charge of health care, more NSA surveillance, and Amnesty.

According to Gallup, however, the ‘Whackobird’ fringe is now 72% of the population. i.e. 72% of Americans say Big Government is the biggest threat the USA faces.


That’s a big fringe.

And yet John Boehner, after his victory in blowing up the Sequester, has now turned his sights on Amnesty. Because that’s what Big Business wants. By the way, Big Business, who the Republicans are jumping into bed with, was ranked as the Biggest Threat by 21% of Americans. The GOP establishment is going against 93% of the public.

The Stupid Party, indeed.

If You Strike Ted Cruz Down, He Will Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

After months of deranged demonization from the left, a Rasmussen poll finds Ted Cruz to be, after the Pope and SCOAMF McChoomwagon, the third most powerful political figure on the planet.

No wonder John McCain and John Boehner-McCain hate him so much. (Me, I’m just trying to figure out why supporting the Constitution and fiscal responsibility makes you a Right Wing Nut Job.)


On a related note, angry New York DIABLO Peter King has launched a Political Action Committee explicit aimed at destroying Ted Cruz and other fiscally responsible, Constitutionalist Republicans.

And Mitch McConnell is telling lobbyists they better back moderate, establishment Republicans if they want to keep that sweet, sweet Federal pork coming.

Stupid Party is Stupid

The Republican Party was actually having a pretty good couple of weeks. Obamacare was imploding. The generic ballot flopped in favor of Republicans. 2014 was beginning to look like 2010, and maybe… just maybe… control of the senate was tantatlizingly within their grasp.

And then it’s like the Party Leadership got together and said, “O.K., How can we screw this up?”

The next day, John Boehner hired John “Landslide” McCain’s chief advisor on (illegal) immigration to help him push Amnesty through the House.


Is there anyone left who doesn’t hate the Republican Party? Is the Leadership of the GOP really stupid enough to believe that Amnesty will help them win elections? Do they really think Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin are pushing Amnesty because they think it will help make Republicans more competitive.

If Mitt Romney had gotten 60% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, he’d still be known as the out-of-touch rich guy who lost to Barack Obama because idiot voters thought he wanted to outlaw tampons. (Also because Obama and the Democrats were promising more free stuff from the Government, which is sugar to Hispanic voters.)

But four more percentage points among white voters … especially, the working class “Reagan Democrats” whose wages have been devastated by the influx of cheap illegal labor …. and he would be known as “President Romney.”

And he probably would be pushing for some kind of Amnesty right now.

Le sigh.

Update: Harry Harry Reid says Boehner will cave on Amnesty. He is probably correct. (Also, the Hill seems to have found a reporter even less butch than Chris Hayes.)

Lindsey Graham Wants To Read and Censor Your Mail!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 12:29 pm - June 17, 2013.
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In my new post at Ricochet, I take aim at the latest stupid thing to come out of Lindsey Graham’s mouth.

Here’s a preview.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the people that would have to read Graham’s mail.  There’d be a lot of rambling love letters with a return address from Sedona, Arizona.

Graham needs to remember that he is hired and fired by the people of South Carolina. The facts show that Graham has more in common with John McCain, Barack Obama and the Washington DC crowd than he does with anyone who will see his name on a ballot next year.

Please read the whole thing!

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

Todd Akin’s crazy, stupid statement on rape

When I first heard — or rather watched (was at the gym doing cardio) — the news about U.S Rep. (and current Missouri GOP Senate nominee) Todd Akin’s comments on rape, I had thought it was the CNN team drawing them out of context.

Later, I read what he had said and thought, “Wow, there is no spinning this.  It’s bizarre and wrong.”  I was grateful to see that no prominent Republicans had defended the Congressman and that many had criticized him, with some calling on him to withdraw from the Senate race.

Michelle Malkin pretty much sums up my thoughts in her post on the matter:

Over the weekend, GOP Rep. Todd Akin — the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Missouri — said some really, really stupid things. (Twitchy has comprehensive coverage. Click here and keep scrolling.)

There’s no sugar-coating or whitewashing this. It wasn’t a “gaffe.” It was ignorant, garbled nonsense. Asked about his views on abortion in the case of rape, he claimed that “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

The striking thing to note is how quickly multiple Republicans have come out to criticize one of their own for his crazy, stupid statement.  Democrats, it seems, circle the wagons and defend their own when they saw similar stupid and offensive things (see, e.g., Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Ma’am Boxer).

(More on this anon, as time allows.)

Rick Santorum drops the (pink bowling) ball*

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:18 pm - March 30, 2012.
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Back in 1998, Chris Bull published a very good book, Perfect Enemies: The Religious Right, the Gay Movement, and the Politics of the 1990s, about how social conservatives opposing gay rights and gay activists were made for each other.  Every time Rick Santorum opens his mouth and says something silly and gay activists, clutching their pearls and reaching for their smelling salts, respond (in the highest of dudgeon) behaving as if the former Senator has just demanded his legions go out and convert gay people — or threaten them with the hell-fire — it seems such folk were made for each other.

A silly statement is not (necessarily) a hateful one.  Nor does it amount to bullying, but it is often revealing.  “Even in the most private, apolitical moment of the day,” Jennifer Rubin reports,

Santorum couldn’t suppress the urge to judge.” This year it was publicly chastising a boy for using a pink bowling ball. Seriously. The world according to Rick must be preached to all of us.

I couldn’t find video of this, and maybe (as the person who alerted me to the story speculates) the former Senator “was being playful in a pseudo-macho way”, but Rick Santorum is not known for his jocular gestures.  More than anything, this comment betrays a certain insecurity — and a failure of discipline.  What does it accomplish for a man who knows he’s being followed by a gaggle of press to say such a thing?

Even though press reports provide no evidence that Santorum linked the pink ball to gay men, the folks at HRC found the former Senator contending the former Senator’s comments could harm gay people.  Really.

Almost out of breath, HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz said, “This is another example of Rick Santorum intentionally making ignorant statements that have a real impact on LGBT people“.  Give a break.  Most gay people who hear of this will laugh at the former Senator’s strangeness.  Only those who have this need to be perpetually aggrieved will feel threatened by his quip. (more…)

Barack Hussein Hoover, II

Yesterday, two of my favorite blogger/pundits, Glenn Reynolds and Michael Barone, linked a post where Walter Russell Mead compared the incumbent chief executive not just to the worst president of many of our lifetimes, but also to the man considered by many the worst president of the century just concluded, Herbert Hoover. That big-government Republican . . .

. . . had long been known as a leading progressive, and in the face of the Depression he was ready to countenance a significant expansion of the government’s role. His Reconstruction Finance Corporation would be taken over by FDR; it lent money to distressed companies in an effort to jump start the economy. He proposed the creation of a federal Department of Education; he was willing to countenance significant budget deficits and supported important public works projects (like Boulder Dam) as a way of stimulating employment and rebuilding confidence in the economy. . . .

With great intelligence and serious goodwill, both men set about to address the most important issues facing the country and the world — only to find that their chosen remedies failed one by one. . . . (more…)

No Tom DeLays in House GOP leadership

Shortly after last month’s elections when Republicans recaptured Congress, I had planned a post, urging Republicans not to repeat the mistake they made just after the 1994 elections when, in the race for House Majority Whip, they rejected the principled Bob Walker for the opportunistic Tom DeLay.  That one-time Republican leader was back in the news as I prepared to travel to San Francisco to celebrate Thanksgiving with the most important person in the state (my now 2-year-old nephew); the Texan “was convicted [last] Wednesday on charges he illegally funneled corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002“.

While I believe it’s likely the conviction will be overturned on appeal, I did not shed a tear for DeLay.  More than any other Republican leader in the House, he was responsible for abandoning “The Spirit of ’94” and focusing on building a permanent Republican majority, not on conservative principles, but on lobbyist connections (and financing).  Had he not led the Republicans away from the small-government principles which secured their election in 1994, they may well have had a more lasting majority.

For Tom Delay Republicans, politics was about power not principles.  And in a republic, you can’t hold onto power very long unless you stand for something beyond its maintenance.

Fortunately, the incoming majority party’s slate lacked any Tom DeLays, with its leadership representing a diverse array of conservative opinion.  While incoming Speaker John Boehner supported the TARP bailouts, incoming House Republican Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling,  in the words of former House Majority Leader Dick Armey,  having “the best voice in opposition” to TARP.

There will be no Tom DeLays in the Republican leadership of the 112th Congress.  And that’s a good thing for the GOP.

FROM THE COMMENTS: DaveP reminds us, “The other thing to remember about Tom DeLay is what an abject failure his ‘K-Street’ program actually turned out to be in practice. Never forget that.” Good point.

“Only Out For Herself”

Posted by B. Daniel Blatt at 6:28 pm - September 17, 2010.
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So, writes our regular reader V the K, as Lisa Murkowski gives Democrats a bit of good news, “urging people to come out tonight for what’s being called a ‘campaign kick off,’” as she launches a write-in bid in vain attempt to keep her Senate seat despite losing the Republican primary last month to Joe Miller.

Even with her entering the race, Miller still leads:

Murkowski’s decision will set up a 3-way battle between the incumbent, Miller and Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams (D), potentially turning the race on its head. Private 3-way polling has shown Miller leading, but by a narrow margin.

Why is it that certain politicians just can’t admit defeat, as if their seat is their sinecure.  She claims she’s doing this because of the concerns of her constituents:

“Believe you me, the easier path would be to pack it all up and go do something different,” she said. “If I had not heard this call from Alaskans, I would not be deliberating as I am.”

Um, Lisa didn’t you hear that call of Alaskans in last month’s primary?  They preferred Miller.

This seat doesn’t belong to you.  It’s not yours by right, as perhaps you assumed when your father appointed you to serve.

What is it, I wonder, asking again and again and yet again, that gives a politician such a sense of entitlement?

UPDATE:  R.S.  McCain finds Murkowski’s counterpart on the silver screen and offers:

“Professional Republicans” whose partisanship is a function of career interest. Perhaps they’ve been in the game so long they can no longer distinguish between political principle and personal ambition, but they certainly never let the former get in the way of the latter.


UP-UPDATEThe downside for Republicans:

The primary effect of Murkowski’s temper tantrum will be to force Republicans to spend more resources in Alaska than would otherwise be necessary, and effectively end any chance she may have had for a political future. (more…)

The second end of J.D. Hayworth’s political career

In a few short hours, Arizona Republican voters will do voters in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District did four years ago, end the career of one of the biggest buffoons in American politics:  J.D. Hayworth.  This man comes straight from liberal central casting of what a conservative is like.  He may have the right (in our opinion) views on certain issues, but he expresses them in ways which invite ridicule.

And he just looks stupid, like the football player who took a few too many hits which impaired his cognitive abilities.

He’s like Foghorn Leghorn, but without the cunning.

That said, the folks at CNN were bending over backwards to portray in a favorable light the man who is attempting to deprive John McCain of the Republican nomination for the Arizona Senate seat.  Ol’ Jessica Yellin lamented how the Republican incumbent had described the former Congressman as a “huckster”, hinting a nasty campaign by the 2008 GOP standard bearer.  She didn’t mention how the once and future talk show host recorded infomercials where he advised people how they could get “free money” from the government.

Nor did she note how he was a champion of pork-barrel politics.  Now, I know there are many reasons for conservatives to be upset with John McCain, but, in this of all years, to have a former politician with a record to the four-term incumbent’s left on spending issues try to run as the conservative choice is really rich.  I mean, on earmarks at least, McCain has held true to conservative principles, in both rhetoric — and practice.

Well, Hayworth did get the Republican incumbent to spend $20 million to hold the seat.  Interesting.  No wonder Yellin was flacking for the right-wing buffoon.  That’s $20 million that could have helped Republicans defeat entrenched Democratic incumbents.

NB:  Tweaked the post to correct a typo and improve the flow.

GOProud Calls for Steele To Resign

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 1:57 pm - July 5, 2010.
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I can’t speak for Dan, but I happen to agree.  The only way the Republicans don’t gain control of Congress this year is through collective stupidity.  This would take one problem out of the collective, at least.

For Immediate Release                                           July 3, 2010
GOProud Calls on RNC Chairman Michael Steele to Resign  

Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the Board – “Michael Steele’s comments regarding the war in Afghanistan are inexcusable.  These comments are not just another gaffe that can be explained away, they represent a fundamental failure to understand the importance of winning the war on global extremism.”  

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, GOProud, the only national organization of gay conservatives and their allies, called on Michael Steele to resign as Chairman of the Republican National Committee after he made comments critical of the U.S. war in Afghanistan.   Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of the Board:    “Michael Steele’s comments regarding the war in Afghanistan are inexcusable.  These comments are not just another gaffe that can be explained away, they represent a fundamental failure to understand the importance of winning the war on global extremism.   “Chairman Steele shouldn’t need to be reminded that the war in Afghanistan was not a ‘war of Obama’s choosing.’  The Chairman of the RNC shouldn’t need to be reminded that it was terrorists operating from bases in Afghanistan who started this war on September 11, 2001.  

“Michael Steele is dead wrong; the war in Afghanistan is not lost.  What is lost, however, is any shred of confidence that conservatives can have in his leadership at the RNC.  This election cycle is simply too important to the future of the conservative movement and to the future of this country to be trusted to someone like Michael Steele.”

GOProud is a non-partisan registered 527.  GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies.  GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy.  GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level.  PO Box 15861, Washington, DC 20003.  For more information visit our website

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

The former Congressman dons clown shoes

In the upcoming primary for the United States Senate seat currently held by 2008 GOP nominee John McCain, I have been quietly rooting for the 4-term incumbent, not entirely because of his record (while stellar on national security and spending, has not been as conservative in other arenas as I would like), but also because of his opponent.

The American Spectator’s Philip Klein explains:

I understand why many Arizona Republicans would want to dump John McCain for a more conservative Senator, but I’ve never understood those who argue that J.D. Hayworth is the conservative who should replace McCain. Hayworth, after all, was a top recipent of donations linked to corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and was a reliable vote for President Bush’s big government agenda.

The weakness of Hayworth’s claim to be a small government conservative was brought into sharper focus with the release of this 2007 infomercial that Hayworth recorded for the National Grants Conference, which offers seminars on how to people can get free money from government through grants.

Pretty much summarizes my views of the former Congressman.  Hayworth may talk a good talk on immigration (from time to time), but when he comes to spending, he ain’t a conservative. Got the Klein quote via Jim Geraghty who offers:

Beyond that, the ad is so tacky it makes those “Real Housewives” series look classy. You’re a U.S. congressman, you’re supposed to be above these sorts of things. After you leave Congress, you’re supposed to makeyour money the old-fashioned, honest way: writing a book no one will read, teaching a class that is only for the most diehard of political geeks, trading on your connections with a fat-cat, Gucci-wearing lobbying firm, and in the case of former Ohio congressman Jim Traficant, making license plates. If we have congressman popping up in infomercials, next thing you know we’ll have the President of the United States appearing in commercials for late-night shows.

Like Klein, I too understand why some conservatives are upset with John McCain.  But, at a time of ballooning budget deficits, an earmark-loving, big-spending former Congressman is not the man to replace him.

(What) Was Connie Mack Thinking?

Posted by ColoradoPatriot at 7:28 pm - April 29, 2010.
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You’re subscribing to NRO‘s Morning Jolt from Jim Geraghty (I always have to cut-and-paste his name…that spelling is beyond me), right?

Yesterday he had a great piece in his daily newsletter that outlined the much more moderated, level-headed, and sober criticism of Arizona’s new immigration law. (You know, the one MSNBC declared “Makes it a Crime to be [an] Illegal Immigrant”.) I’ll cut and paste at length below the jump.

Well, leave it to Connie Mack, a guy who represents the 14th CD of Florida (which includes not a border with a dangerously unstable narco-nation, but, rather Naples) to destroy the concept of a temperate and reasoned objection (of which, admittedly, there are some):

This law of ‘frontier justice’ – where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause

Perhaps Representative Mack should do some investigating before he opened his mouth. The part I highlighted above is completely untrue and misrepresents the law totally. It could have come from Keith Olbermann. Maybe it did.

Clearly put, the law requires law enforcement to check citizenship only while engaged in “lawful contact, i.e., pulled over already for, say, speeding or hazardously driving. Can this law perhaps be abused by bad cops? Abso-freakin’-lutely. But so can all the laws up to now. Not that this isn’t a legitimate concern, but to characterize this as some sort of Hitler-esque Stasi move is ridiculous and below a Congressman. Espeically a Republican one. Having an issue with this and it making one feel uncomfortable is fair. I’m not totally sold on it myself. But come on, Connie.


Steele Plays Race Card

As embarrassing as it is to have an American president who can’t get enough of travelling the world apologizing for what he (and our enemies) perceives as our Nation’s wrongs to whomever will pause long enough for him to bow, comes today RNC Chairman Michael Steele to do the domestic equivalent:

Why should an African-American vote Republican?

“You really don’t have a reason to, to be honest — we haven’t done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True,” Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night.

Can someone please explain why we need an opposition party if its leader is trying so hard to validate the most insidious and obscene false characterization of it himself? Did he turn over the Queen of Diamonds? (Read the rest of the article to see Steele play the race card, victim, and pander to the NAACP…I hope he spoke before dinner had been served.)

Chairman Steele’s response wasn’t, but should have been:

“Why, it would seem to me that the ideas of smaller government, a strong national defense, greater individual liberty, lower taxes would appeal to all Americans. Frankly, we’ve done a good job communicating these values, but a poor job living up to them. Indeed, when we put forth policies and execute programs based on these core principles, the Republican party thrives. At times, however—and I have to honestly say that, to a degree my own time at the helm has occasioned some of this—we get so caught up in the game of government—that Inside-The-Beltway mentality—that we lose track of these important concepts and let power go to our heads.”

Then he should have hit them with this:

“As I said, these are universal American concepts, and frankly, I find the concept of “reaching out” to specific racial segments of the American family anathema to what it means to be American, and quite offensive in its supposition. What black American wouldn’t embrace the concepts of smaller governemnt? Of individual liberty and responsibility? Of lower taxes and a strong defense? To suggest that the Republican party—or any party—needs to do something to appeal specifically to a racial group is insulting to that group. It’s saying that black Americans categorically are opposed (or at least not attracted) to these very values upon which our Nation was founded. Really? Who thinks that? Obviously the Democratic Party does, as they are constantly bringing up race as if we as Americans have a different set of values or goals simply because we don’t share the same skin tone. That, my friends, is offensive. That is racist. That is why I prefer to be a Republican. For even with all our failings that come with the trappings of power, we have always been the party of equal opportunity and equal treatment based in individual liberty and freedom from government overrreach.”

Perhaps he’ll be availed the opportunity to revise and extend his remarks?

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from an undisclosed secret HQ)

Well, That Didn’t Take Long:

ZERO cheers for the Senate’s newest member spendthrift pig! After only 18 days in office, Senator Scott Brown has already sided with fellow New England Republicans embarrassments Susan Collins and Olympia Snow (along, this time, with pork-lover Kit Bond of Missouri) in voting to saddle us with yet another $15,000,000,000 in deficit spending.

That bloom is quickly fading.

For a man who was swept into office based on his self-described distaste for an out-of-control government recklessly spending our money, he is off to a very, VERY bad start.

I welcome you, as I have in past such instances to contact these Senators:

Kit Bond
Scott Brown (hopefully coming soon, phone number is (202) 224-4543)
Susan Collins
Olympia Snowe

For my part, I am looking right now at the thank-you letter I received just this week from Senator Brown for the donation I made to his campaign. I have choice words for him and will be formulating a reply over the next couple days.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from HQ)

UPDATE My apologies. In my haste, I had missed that another Republican embarrassment George Voinovich is also responsible for the boondoggle with his “Yea” vote.

And by the way, YES, I prefer Brown to having Coakley in his stead. By now, Stalinized Health Care would already be the law of the land without him. And YES, I realize that his election was a shot across the bow at the socialist Democractic party and thier overreaches, and so in a sense he has already served that purpose (and nobly). But the rose-colored days ended on the day he was elected and he now has to be held responsible for how he performs his duties (sound familiar?). I treat him no better or worse than I do with the other robber-barons of the Republican party (see links in my original post above to see historical proof of this). It is a greater let-down considering I donated to him because of certain things that are still posted on his campaign website:

Why I’m Running… I want to ensure that we leave them an America that is financially stronger and independent: minus a national debt that we can never repay.

I have been a fiscal watchdog in the state legislature fighting bigger government, higher taxes and wasteful spending.

(Emphases mine)

These proclamations, now can clearly be seen in practice to have been only campaign rhetoric. And we’re the hypocrites the Lefties who troll our Comments section say we are if we don’t shine an especially harsh the light on the ones we support when they let us down.

Is an affair adulterous if the unfaithful partner is separated?

On every first date, I try to let the conversation flow naturally so each of us can get to know the other as he is, instead of matching ourselves us to some ideal image of the perfect mate, I do try to get two things across, the first about my politics because I know that’s a deal-breaker for some gay leftists and the second about monogamy because his eagerness for an open relationship would be a deal-breaker for me.

The question always arises that, once you start dating, when does the monogamy attach?  Obviously it hasn’t yet attached to the (first) date I had this weekend where I did broach the monogamy issue (but not the political one). So, I assume it attaches when we define ourselves as boyfriends, agreeing to be faithful to one another.

Some wait until they have had a ceremony, but the point is that there is a clear, definable moment when monogamy attaches. And that leads to the question, when does it “detach.” And that’s not always so clear.  If two parties plan on divorcing, need they wait until the divorce goes through?  Or can they start seeing other people once they make their intentions clear?  And  say a married couple separates, should each partner then remain celibate?

It would seem that in some such cases, celibacy would be unwarranted. And that makes Senator Ensign’s affair a bit less problematic, but it doesn’t excuse Mark Sanford. While the South Carolina Governor has been separated from his wife for “about two weeks,” all evidence indicates the affair had begun long before that separation. Ensign, by contrast, was separated from his wife while sleeping with a campaign aide and ended the affair when he reconciled with his wife. Even so, his lady friend was married at the time, so while his marital vows may been on hiatus, hers were not. It was definitely adultery.

Despite this wrong, there is no evidence the Nevada Senator abused hs position as a public official.  Sanford, however, appears to have used state resources to fund his tryst.  So, I’m with John Podhoretz on this one, he really has “no choice but to resign.

But, this all leads me to wonder if the media would give the Nevada Republican a pass if he had had different partisan affiliation?

UPDATE:  Glenn links a great article this morning on Reason where Steve Chapman offers some thoughts on adultery which pretty much parallel my own.  He does not, however, address the separation “conundrum.”  Since Sanford was not separated at the time his affair began, he was clearly violating his marital vows.   Chapman pretty much echoes my views, holding “Sex without marriage is OK. Sex in violation of marriage is not“: (more…)

Republicans Pass Cap-and-Trade Bill

Well, that’s the way the headlines should read.

Once again, free-marked hating Republicans are to blame for another Obama profligation of our tax dollars. Yes, the House of Representatives passed today the largest tax increase in American history. It comes in the form of Cap-and-Trade, a taxing scheme whereby the government will be able to extort endless amounts of dollars from companies (wonder where they’ll get those dollars?) for, well, um…doing business, all in the name of their religion so-called “global warming”.

The bill was passed without time to read it (sound familiar?) and would cost Americans several times more than it suggests (sound familiar?) and its passage was characterized as vital by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama (sound familiar?).

But as with the “stimulus” pork bill of his early presidency, we can’t lay complete blame at the feet of The One and his socialist minions in Congress. Once again, shameful Republicans made the difference in the passage of the bill.

The final vote was 218-212, with 3 not voting. The number of embarrassed embarrassing Republicans who voted aye? Eight. Had they voted no, or even sat it out, this disgusting piece of legislation would be dead right now.

As a public service, here are the names of those who should be beaten in 2010. Please, if you live in their districts, do all you can to find someone anybody to challenge them in their primaries:

Mary Bono Mack, CA-45
Michael Castle, DE-At Large
Mark Kirk, IL-10
Leonard Lance, NJ-7
Frank LoBiondo, NJ-2
John McHugh, NY-23
David Reichert, WA-8
Chris Smith, NJ-4

I encourage all who live in these districts to call their Representative and let them know that you’ll be waiting for them when they get back from DC for their Independence Day vacation.

Next this legislation moves to the Senate. And we remember how great Republicans there are at holding the line on anti-business legislation, right?

When these anti-growth, anti-business, anti-free-market policies start destroying what is left of our economy, and people start blaming Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi for driving the country into a ditch financially, let us not forget those in our own midst who literally were the difference in passing such disastrous legislation.

-Nick (ColoradoPatriot), from HQ