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Socialism Helps Achieve Michelle Obama’s Dream

Posted by V the K at 9:48 am - February 21, 2017.
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As FLOTUS and in-between her lavish taxpayer-funded vacations, Michelle Obama’s pet project was to coerce Americans to be thin and hungry.  Venezuela nailed it.

In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food.

The extreme poor said they dropped even more weight than that.

The 2016 Living Conditions Survey (Encovi, for its name in Spanish), conducted among 6,500 families, also found that as many as 32.5 percent eat only once or twice a day — the figure was 11.3 just a year ago.

In all, 82 percent of the nation’s households live in poverty, the study found.

Leftists like to pretend that Venezuela isn’t “real socialism,” even though the state centrally plans economic activity, controls the means of production, sets nationwide wages for workers and prices for consumer goods, controls all media, aggressively redistributes wealth, and offers single payer health care and free college education. Up until a couple of years ago, this was enough for Venezuela to qualify as a socialist triumph.


A Feral Socialist

Posted by V the K at 8:55 am - February 8, 2017.
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Article by Bill Whittle that really can’t be excerpted but must be read in its totality to be appreciated.   It concerns his speech before a group of young, aspiring totalitarians and being heckled by an unkempt socialist woman.

Sometimes, I think if you look behind every bit of social justice nonsense or attempts to quell liberty, you’ll find a group of heavy, unmarried, middle-aged, publicly-employed white women.

Democrat-Socialist Beloved by the Base Says America Sucks

Posted by V the K at 8:41 am - January 20, 2017.
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Bernie Sanders owns three houses and says America is “the worst country on Earth.”

“No, we’re not a compassionate society in terms of our relationship to poor and working people. Our record is worse than virtually any other country on earth. We have the highest rate of childhood poverty than any other major country on earth and half of our senior, older workers have nothing set aside for retirement. So I don’t think compared to other countries we are particularly compassionate.”

This guy would have been the Democrat nominee if the nomination process hadn’t been rigged because he reflects the philosophy of his party better than Hillary.

One Box For Optimism

Posted by V the K at 9:09 pm - January 1, 2017.
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Comrades, Zombie thinks this Trump thing is not only going to work out okay, but represents a major, long-term defeat and setback for the progressive left. Not sure I agree, but wouldn’t it be nice?

Donald Trump’s victory in November was not only the most important election result of our lifetimes, but ranks as one of the most significant events in recorded history, on par with the French Revolution or the fall of the Berlin Wall. And I’ll tell you why.

Western society is super-saturated with leftist propaganda. Politically astute non-leftists see it everywhere and complain about it incessantly — because it is ubiquitous. In fact, most of our waking hours are spent noticing, commenting upon, getting outraged by and then futilely combatting the endless, relentless leftist slant to everything in modern culture.

Every news broadcast. Every movie. Every lesson in every classroom. Every social signifier in public. Every poll. Every TV show. Every tribal shibboleth. In ways large and small, overt and covert, subtle and blatant, the society around us is infused with progressive ideals and agendas, whether you realize it or not.

The term for this process, in Marxist theory, is cultural hegemony, a phrase that was coined by communist philosopher Antonio Gramsci to describe how the political power-structure of a society is always determined by the cultural norms of that society. A conservative-minded populace will always vote for conservative-minded leaders, so the way to achieve communism in advanced nations, he argued, would be to first change the culture so that progressive ideals become dominant, and then people will simply vote themselves into communism without the need for a revolution.

And then November 8, 2016 happened, and BOOM: It was all revealed to be a lie. Not only did the indoctrination fail, but the general impression that the relentless indoctrination had always been successful was itself a gigantic meta-deception.

Not sure Zombie is completely right. Yes, the Democrat-Socialists failed, but not necessarily because of their failed ideology or failed propaganda machines, but because both were hitched to a decrepit, corrupt, power-mad, brain-damaged NichteinmenschlichFrau who lost by thin margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin and won the popular vote (mainly due to “honor system” voting in California and other blue states. {“Hey, as long as you say you’re legal to vote, we’re not going to check.” 80 ballots sent to one two-bedroom apartment. Nothing suspicious here. }) There are still millions and millions of Americans who look at the socialist examples of Venezuela and Zimbabwe and say, “Yes, but we can make it work here!” I don’t assume the Democrat-Media complex has been defeated at all.

The Overtly Fascist Imagery of the Clinton Campaign

Posted by V the K at 9:55 am - December 13, 2016.
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I realize the election is long over. I’m not into beating a dead, corrupt, dishonest, incompetent, and possibly brain-damaged horse. But I was reading about the Cuban poet Armando Valladares. He was imprisoned for 22 years in a Cuban gulag by leftist icon Fidel Castro. Specifically, he was sent to the gulag for being the only person at his work who wouldn’t put an “I’m with Fidel” sign on his desk, as all good revolutionary Communists were required.

“I’m with Fidel.” That slogan, sort of reminds me of Hillary’s slogan, “I’m with her.” Doesn’t it?

Also, the ubiquitous “Stronger Together” slogan of the campaign… I always thought it was rather lame and ambiguous. (And of course, always rendered in light-blue and dark blue to signal there was no place for red state America in this “Stronger Together” union.) But “Stronger Together” is also literally a fascist slogan.

The symbolism of the fasces suggested strength through unity: a single rod is easily broken, while the bundle is difficult to break. Similar symbols were developed by different fascist movements; for example, the Falange symbol is five arrows joined together by a yoke.

Democrats are keenly aware of symbolism. In fact, they elevate symbolism above everything else. So, they had to be aware that Hillary’s campaign was overtly and openly embracing the symbols of Cuban Communism and old school fascism, right?

Comment Promotion: Castro and Teh Gheys

 Commenter Cyril on Fidel’s Legacy of gay oppression.

The Cuban Freedom Flotilla (of 1980), however, involved a little secret that very soon came out. Socialist Cuba had—and has—the distinction of being the world’s only nation to experience a mass emigration based on sexual preference. Huddled in the crowded boats fleeing Castro’s Cuba were an estimated 10,000 homosexuals.

The attack on homosexuality began within a few Years of Castro’s taking power. Long before the crusades of Anita Bryant or Jerry Falwell, Castro stated that “those positions in which one might have a direct influence upon children and young people should not be in the hands of homosexuals, above all the educational centers.” A homosexual was a “deviate” who could never rise to the level of conduct required of “a true Revolutionary.”

Gays suffered greatly at the hands of the two new socialist bureaucracies. Thousands of them were placed, without benefit of trial, in camps run by the Military Units for Aid to Production. Basically these were forced labor camps, where gay people were mistreated and often assaulted and where it was not unusual for them to be executed or driven to suicide. After a while, international protests compelled the closing of these camps, but the persecution has continued in other forms

But, The Gay Left sees things differently.

There are others, including some LGBT activists, who have lauded Cuba’s government for providing free education and health care, while fighting poverty and discrimination, the Blade notes.

“Pain, emptiness, commitment are very intense and difficult feelings to separate,” gay Cuban blogger Francisco Rodríguez Cruz, who supports the Castro family, told the Blade. “It’s like going through the story of my life.”

And some gay and AIDS activists who visited Cuba earlier this year noted a thriving gay scene and reported that the government-run health care program has benefited Cubans living with HIV.

The same people promoting the fake news that “Mike Pence wants to electrocute gay teenagers” have no trouble defending a despot who murdered and brutalized gay people and sent AIDS sufferers to concentration camp. Because Socialist.

BTW: That “thriving gay scene in Havana” is the petri dish where ‘Cuban Super AIDS‘ was probably spawned.

Also, look at pictures of Havana from before Castro’s revolution and Detroit from the same period; both thriving. Then look at Havana after 50 years of Socialist rule and Detroit after 50 years of Progressive Democrat rule. Tell me again how Socialism works.


These Are Facts

Posted by V the K at 1:34 pm - November 26, 2016.
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The Democrat Left is mourning the loss of their Communist Icon Fidel Castro.  Here is what Canada’s Leftist Hipster Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to say.

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

“While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

“I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raúl Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.”

Jimmy Carter, same song, second verse.

Rosalynn and I share our sympathies with the Castro family and the Cuban people on the death of Fidel Castro. We remember fondly our visits with him in Cuba and his love of his country. We wish the Cuban citizens peace and prosperity in the years ahead.


Here are the facts about the left’s favorite commie:

  1. Castro was an old-world communist dictator who hated individual freedom & maintained power by oppressing & terrorizing his own people.
  2. Castro murdered those who disagreed with him.
  3. Castro ran concentration camps & filled them with “undesirables,” including dissidents, homosexuals, AIDS victims, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Afro-Cuban priests & others declared “unfit” for the moral Cuban revolution.
  4. Castro personally asked the U.S.S.R to nuke the United States.
  5. Che Guevara, a Castro cabinet member, said if the nukes were under Cuban control, they would have launched them “into the very heart of the United States….the victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!”
  6. In 1996, Castro shot down American civilian aircraft, killing 3 Americans.
  7. Life for an average Cuban was hell under Castro. Restricted religious freedom, healthcare, food, movement, technology, transportation & regular forced separations of families.
  8. Castro’s own daughter & sister fled his rule.
  9. Castro banned all music by the Beatles in 1964.
  10. On an island nation, owning or riding on a boat was illegal under the Castro regime.

Hat Tip: Benny Arthur Johnson


Democrat Left Loses a Hero

Posted by V the K at 9:24 am - November 26, 2016.
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If there is a hell — one of humanity’s greatest monsters is burning in it today.

No, not Carol Brady.

Fidel Castro is dead at ninety. Far too long, if you ask me. Castro was a brutal, Socialist, dictator who consigned millions of his people to life in an oppressive, impoverished gulag where they enjoyed no civil liberties and no human rights. He sent troops around the world to commit atrocities against civilians; imprisoned, tortured, and murdered political opponents (or any critics of his regime), sponsored terrorism, and… oh yeah.. sent gay Cubans to concentration camps.

And to the Democrat left, he was a hero.

Bernie Sanders was a huge fan of Fidel Castro, praising him for having “educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society.” Bernie Sanders also said that he thought Cuban style bread lines were pretty neat (Reminder: Half the Democrat Party voted for this guy). New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, for example, spent his summer break from college helping Fidel Castro spread communism in Nicaragua. (John Kerry and Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey also counted themselves as allies of Nicaragua’s Castro-style Sandinista dictatorship). Democrats of the Congressional Black Caucus  traveled to Cuba in 2009 and returned with gushing praise for the murderous, bloodthirsty autocrat. An NPR reporter described a kiss from Castro’s brother as though it were a Holy experience. Hollywood leftists including Harry Belafonte, Jack Nicholson, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, and, of course, Michael Moore have heaped praise on the dictator. Most recently, NFL socialist douchebag Colin Kaepernick appeared in Miami wearing a Castro T-shirt. Beyonce and Jay-Z honeymooned on Castro’s island gulag. (Canada’s Prime Minister and the Leader of Britain’s Labour Party are also in mourning, the latter referring to the Marxist dictator as “a champion of social justice.”)

Goes to show what the left actually means by “social justice,” (i.e. labor camps for opponents of socialism).

And of course, Castro’s mass-murdering, racist thug Che Guevara is a fashion icon on the left.

No doubt, millions of Democrats will be mourning the death of this brutal, absolutist dictator whom they have long envied for being able to fundamentally transform his society against the will of his people… just as they would wish to do here.

BTW: Castro died with a Net Worth of close to a billion dollars.

So I guess Obama’s dilemma is whether to mourn the loss of a fellow traveler, or once again take credit for something he had nothing to do with.

Washington Post: “Hillary Lost Because of the States, So Let’s Abolish Them.”

Posted by V the K at 12:11 pm - November 16, 2016.
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You know, because obviously the best way to govern a continent-sized country with a highly diverse population is to centralize all power and authority in one city on the East Coast.; the Progressive Dream.

A federation of states was a wonderful idea in the late 18th century, but represents an unnecessary and costly burden in the early 21st. Two layers of government — federal and local — offers a cleaner, more sensible and much more affordable system than our current one, a notion not unlike cutting out the middle layer of an overly bureaucratic, inefficient company. Eliminating this middle layer would save the American people billions of dollars a year, the kind of money that could go a long way toward paying down our national debt or preparing for our looming crises in Social Security and health care.

How, he doesn’t explain. Maybe the same way Obamacare made health care more affordable and efficient.

To the Progressive Left, states should serve as nothing more but administrative districts that enforce the edicts of the Great City of Washington and the Enlightened Progressive Political Class that knows what’s best for everyone.

Midnight in America

That dark title comes from Peter Schiff, the investment analyst and libertarian ninja. His article’s conclusion:

Ronald Reagan was the last Republican president who was swept into office promising great change. He made good on his “Morning in America” promises to cut taxes and regulations. But he failed in his promises to reduce spending. …[and now after others did even worse,] the economy of 2016 has far deeper problems than the economy of 1980. Reagan’s morning now looks more like Trump’s midnight.

Trump did not make this mess, but he will likely be in office to clean it up.

The question is: Will President-Elect Trump be able or willing to clean it up? As Schiff puts it:

…as bleak as the picture Trump painted of the current state of the U.S. economy, it was not bleak enough. Before things can actually get better, they must first be allowed to get much worse. Decades of government promises to supply voters with benefits taxpayers can’t afford must be broken, starting with many of the promises Trump made himself to get elected.

(Emphasis added) That has been my chief criticism of Romney (in 2012) and of Trump all along: Although they were “truthier” with the voters than their Democratic opponents, they still didn’t tell voters nearly enough of the truth.

After eight years of President Obama, we now have a national debt of $19.8 trillion by official figures; and something far north of $100 trillion when you include the “unfunded liabilities” (the future benefits promises that the government should report, under proper accounting standards – and does not). States, and especially their pension funds, also face a great crisis where they won’t come close to meeting their future promises. This is all very different from when Reagan took office.

Based on his speeches about “infrastructure” spending and his past track record, Trump’s first instinct might be to run up the U.S. debt up to even greater heights than Obama has. But at some point, Trump’s deficit spending will hit a wall: a full-on recession (it’s overdue) and a new financial crisis, wherein world markets simply won’t allow the United States to carry on as before.

What happens then? Will Trump give Americans the bad news about serious cuts to their benefits and hopes? Or will Trump flounder, protect special interests – maybe hyperinflate the dollar – and allow events to destroy him and us?

Anyway, it’s been fun to watch the left-wing butthurt over President-Elect Trump these last few days; but realism compels me to start being a wet blanket again. America’s problems, especially its debt problems, are beyond anything that even Trump had acknowledged.

He won’t be able to fix them by magic. And in a way, left-liberals are right: the next four years will be awful, for many.


Posted by V the K at 8:02 pm - September 14, 2016.
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I have often described the Faustian bargain of the left being: “We will let you do whatever you want to anyone in the bedroom, if you allow us complete control of everything outside the bedroom.” In other words, the left will happily trade away all freedom and opportunity for unlimited sexual license.

A comment from Venezuela’s democratic socialist president, (I’d say “dictator” but he was “democratically” elected, and is therefore a “democratic socialist president”), proves the truth of this bargain.

During a broadcast this weekend promoting new socialist food distribution policies, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro jokingly referenced a popular nickname for the nation’s dire food shortages, telling a crowd, “Maduro’s diet gets you hard – no need for Viagra!”

The Venezuelans willingly voted in this man and his predecessor, because he promised to eliminate income inequality, and offered a vast expansion of Goivernment services (free health care, free college education, and so forth) to be paid for by “the rich.”

If the Democrats had not rigged their primaries to facilitate Hillary’s coronation, a man advocating the exact same policies would be the Democrat nominee for president.

Do I Ever Miss Living in Maryland?

Posted by V the K at 1:02 pm - May 22, 2016.
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The Montgomery County (MD) Council, citing the unmet needs of a school system facing explosive enrollment growth and a widening academic achievement gap, voted Thursday to raise the average residential property tax bill by 8.7 percent — the largest increase in seven years.


The tax hike required a unanimous 9-to-0 vote because it exceeds the charter limit on tax revenue that the county can collect each year. The increased revenue will help underwrite a $5.2 billion operating budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, with about half of the money resulting from the tax increase going to Montgomery County Public Schools.

The intent was to stave off what members saw as a tipping point for the 156,000-student system, which is expected to enroll an additional 10,000 students over the next five years — many of them speaking little to no English. To boost funding for school construction, the council on Wednesday agreed to fund nearly all of the district’s six-year,$1.73 billion capital budget request.

Speaking of Blue-on-Blue Violence

A Hillary Clinton supporter is horrified to discover what it feels like to be on the other side of a vicious left-wing street protest.

As Hillary supporters made their way out of the gymnasium, an officer in riot gear pointed and said “that way only.” I stopped in my tracks when I saw where he wanted us to go. The sole exit from the campus was a narrow walkway approximately 40 feet long, lined 2-3 people deep on each side with more than a hundred screaming, cursing, jeering, angry Bernie supporters pushing hateful signs into people’s faces. They stood above the path on a two foot cement border wall, looming over and into the walkway, shouting SHAME ON YOU!

A scan of the signs revealed the same tired slurs rotated out against Hillary for decades. “Liar,” “Wall Street Shill” “Murderer” “Frack You” “Hillary Deports Children” “Clinton Crime Family” “Release the Transcripts.” A large sign written in drippy red paint screamed “Honduras!” and “You killed Berta Cáceres!” Conspiracy theories abounded, each one could easily be refuted with basic research from reliable sources, or a visit to

Entering the gauntlet, two protesters cursed and shouted through megaphones mere feet away, ringing eardrums. One of the megaphone men was dressed in a loincloth, partially exposing himself, his face painted red and wearing a headdress of feathers. A young girl in a pink jacket jabbed her fingers at people as they passed and yelled “Get out of here, get out of here! You’re not from here, none of you!”

Every single Hillary supporter was forced to pass through the tunnel of hate. Some smiled defiantly, flashed peace signs, sang and danced their way through. Some angrily flipped the bird and shouted back, shoving signs out of their faces. Some took pictures, some covered their faces and ran, some sheltered their children and elders. A number of people using wheelchairs or walkers navigated carefully through the bellowing mob. No one was spared. A handmade sign with Hillary’s autograph was ripped from a child’s hands and torn up. Children cried and parents’ faces registered shock, gears turning: “How will I explain this behavior, and why they’re so mad at us?”

The Democrat Party’s chickens have come home to roost.

The Triumph of Democratic Socialism

Posted by V the K at 5:58 am - April 28, 2016.
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I imagine if you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter (Sandernista), a two-day work week sounds pretty sweet; or maybe like too much effort. (“Two whole days? But my teachers said I was SPECIAL!”)

The socialist administration began imposing a four-hour daily blackout around the country this week to save electricity. Then, Maduro announced that millions of officials will now work only Mondays and Tuesdays, taking the rest of the week off in a bid to save electricity.

Electricity shortages in the country with largest proven reserves of oil in the world. Socialism is amazeballs.

Some Venezuelans complain that the country is starting to resemble the dystopian series “The Hunger Games,” in which districts suffer for the benefit of a heartless capital city.

And the five richest counties in the Unites States are those surrounding Washington DC. We’re feeling the Bern already.

There, Fixed It For You

Posted by V the K at 9:05 am - March 16, 2016.
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The addle-pated lackwits who are supporting Bernie Sanders have distributed many, many stupid memes on the internet. Ace highlighted this one, and I took it upon myself to edit it to standards of… um… reality.


Left-Wing Brownshirts Bust Up Donald Trump Rally

Posted by V the K at 11:26 am - March 12, 2016.
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Not a fan of Donald Trump by any means, but what and #BlackLivesMatter did yesterday was straight-up Fascist Thuggery.

People Who Lived Under Socialism Are Not Big Fans of Socialism

Posted by V the K at 10:52 pm - March 1, 2016.
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Gary Kasparov on Facebook:

I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.

The Stupid, It Berns

Posted by V the K at 10:16 am - February 24, 2016.
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The Left has a persistent habit of confusing idiotic metaphors with logic. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” for example. Or, “It will be a great day when schools have all the money they need and the military has to hold bake sales to buy guns.” Leftists feel really clever spouting these bumper-stickers, but in the end, that’s all they do: Make dumb people feel clever. They fall apart under even the most cursory tests of logic and reason. Of a piece with that is this really, really stupid thing from the Sandernistas:


There is so much stupid embodied here. Obviously, whoever made this has no idea what Communism, Fascism, Socialism, or Capitalism actually represent as political and economic system, but just sort of mixed and matched the labels to come up with the metaphor they wanted.

“Democratic” Socialism just means to me that “we’re going to vote people into power who will take away money from people we don’t like so the Government can buy us things, which makes it totally okay.”  At it’s heart, it’s still organized theft; four wolves and a sheep voting on whose for dinner. (Now that’s a metaphor that actually represents the thing it is metaphoring.)

Notice how Capitalism utterly disappears at the bottom. That is very indicative of what the Sandernista Left is actually aiming for.

Under leftism, All Entertainment Media Must be Propaganda in Service of the Party Agenda

Posted by V the K at 7:27 am - February 22, 2016.
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Left-wing academics (is there any other kind?) at Duke University with nothing better to do have conducted a “research study” of Disney movies and determined that they are insufficiently Marxist because they depict the working class proletariat as happy, rather than consumed with rage at their economic inequality relative to the decadent bourgeoisie.

The depictions of working-class people are also unrealistic, the researchers said, as nearly all ‘perceive their jobs as invigorating, fun’. In Mary Poppins, Bert sings that ‘as a sweep you’re as lucky as can be’.

The study says: ‘Bert, like other characters, frames working-class jobs as devoid of difficulties.’

Many children’s films, it adds, ‘suggest that social class inequality is benign, as those at the bottom of the class ladder suffer little, lead relatively stable lives, and experience many advantages’.

It adds that this ‘erases, downplays or sanitises poverty and class inequality, implying that poverty and inequality are not particularly problematic as few people suffer from them’.

You mean, working people can be happy and not obsessed with class warfare and socialist struggle?

We can’t have that, can we?

How Did This Election Get So Weird?

Just a thought: Is Hillary really losing because she’s being “dragged down by scandals?” Because Democrats really find her duplicitous and untrustworthy? Because she’s just plain unlikeable? Or is it because Sanders is just promising a lot more free stuff and class vengeance?

I have come to believe it’s the latter. Democrats never gave a wet slap about scandals or corruption within their own party before. They didn’t care that Barack Obama got semi-trucks full of campaign donations from Wall Street and made his Administration an ATM for Goldman-Sachs. It seems odd that they would start caring about that now. I gotta believe it’s about the free stuff.

By the way, did you know that even though America’s answer to Evita Peron lost by over 50,000 votes, she gets more New Hampshire Democrat delegates than America’s answer to Salvador Allende? Hillary leaves the state with 15 delegates. Bernie leaves with 13.  Overall, Hillary has 394 delegates in hand and Bernie has 42, despite skunking her in New Hampshire and tying her in Iowa.

That “Democratic” Party is a Hell of a thing, isn’t it?

Over at the Republican side, the conservatives and the moderate establishment are both losing to a loud, boorish populist. Trump is tapping into the angst of the working class, and in a not-so-different way from Bernie Sanders. Trump also rails against the hedge fund managers, and promising to tax them more, and promising to maintain and expand the welfare state.

This is being portrayed in the media as a “populist revolt.” The narrative is that the people who have suffered twenty odd years of wage decline and economic stagnation… the people who have been losing ground economically while politicians and bankers in the DC-Wall Street corridor have built up unprecedented levels of wealth… are turning on the politicians and bankers whose policies (open borders, cheap imports, cronyism) have led to this state of affairs.

Do people really just plain hate politicians and bankers? Or do they really hate that the politicians and the bankers seem to be scheming against them to enhance their own wealth?

If you want a socialist revolution, this is how you get a socialist revolution.

In the end, this election may well come down to a billionaire capitalist supported by the blue collar working class running against an avowed Marxist supported by the trust-fund wealthy.

What an odd thing to see happening.