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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 11:16 am - November 27, 2014.
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I recently remembered that, among other things, I’m still grateful for the Heller decision from 2008. Because as long as it stands, the Left still hasn’t quite reduced America to just another slave-nation.

What are you grateful for?

Just Eat the Damn Turkeys

Posted by V the K at 12:45 pm - November 26, 2013.
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About that childish Turkey Pardoning Ritual I was so “cranky,” about; apparently, there’s actually a White House website devoted to the controversial issue of Great National Importance: Turkey Pardoning. Your President is asking you to choose your favorite turkey; much like a Democrat Primary. [Also, like a Democrat-run election, the actual voting is meaningless and the outcome is fixed.]

Twitchy suggests the site could serve as a model for the Obamacare Death Panels. The Health Care Czar could put up pictures of senior citizens, and everyone could vote on who gets life-saving surgery, and who is a worthless societal parasite who gets lethal doses of painkillers. Organ donations could be decided as well. It wouldn’t apply to abortions or sex-reassignments, though. Those are entitlements. Democratic majority rule would decide who is entitled to finite health care resources.

Or, we could revert to my quaint idea of everybody being responsible for their own health care.



OFA is Mother, OFA is Father

As I thought about Obama and all of his organizations disseminating their Thanksgiving Talking Points to their clique of devout followers, I was put to wonder: Has there ever been a president so narcissistic, so megalomaniacal, that he insisted that Thanksgiving should be about him?

One of the things cults do is indoctrinate their followers that they are special, that they have some inner wisdom that non-cultists lack. And they promise them that within the cult is security and purpose. It’s all very familiar.

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Wouldn’t it be great if the USA had a competent President instead of a Cult Leader?

By the way, Kevin Williamson of NRO pwned a list of progressive talking points on a left-wing blog. All the lefties could do in response was sputter “teabagger.” Personally, I find most any progressive assertion can be countered by a simple question: “How are you going to pay for it? Show me the math.”

Stop the Insanity!

Posted by V the K at 8:49 am - November 23, 2013.
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Next week is Thanksgiving, which means we will be subjected to the tiresome, childish ritual of the most powerful man in the world “pardoning,” Thanksgiving turkeys.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if a president just ended this silliness and said, “This is ridiculous. 40 million turkeys are going to be eaten on Thursday, what’s so special about these two. I’m eatin’ them. And if anybody has a problem with it, grow the hell up.”


George Washington’s First Thanksgiving Proclamation

[New York, 3 October 1789]

By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor– and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be– That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks–for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation–for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war–for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed–for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted–for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

and also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions– to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually–to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed–to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord–To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease of science among them and us–and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.

Go: Washington

Giving Thanks for the United States of America

I’m glad I stumbled upon this item in the Wall Street Journal today.

Any one whose labors take him into the far reaches of the country, as ours lately have done, is bound to mark how the years have made the land grow fruitful.

This is indeed a big country, a rich country, in a way no array of figures can measure and so in a way past belief of those who have not seen it. Even those who journey through its Northeastern complex, into the Southern lands, across the central plains and to its Western slopes can only glimpse a measure of the bounty of America.

And a traveler cannot but be struck on his journey by the thought that this country, one day, can be even greater. America, though many know it not, is one of the great underdeveloped countries of the world; what it reaches for exceeds by far what it has grasped.


We can remind ourselves that for all our social discord we yet remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without benefit of kings or dictators. Being so, we are the marvel and the mystery of the world, for that enduring liberty is no less a blessing than the abundance of the earth.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

Giving Thanks from Palin & Rubio

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 11:44 am - November 25, 2010.
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Via National Review:

I am giving thanks for so much this Thanksgiving. I’m grateful that we enjoy the “blessings of liberty” secured by our Constitution. I’m grateful for the protection of America’s finest, our men and women in uniform — many of whom will spend Thanksgiving far from their loved ones so that we might celebrate with our families in peace and security.

I’m grateful that America’s children can look forward to a hopeful future because their mothers and fathers will make the sacrifices generations of American parents have made to safeguard freedom and opportunity.

I’m grateful that our land is rich in resources — all that we need to sustain ourselves and secure our prosperity.

I’m grateful that all Americans have the equal opportunity to earn, contribute, create, produce, perform, and succeed by our own merits and through the application of a sincere work ethic. I’m grateful for the ingenuity, innovation, and optimism that still animate the American spirit.

Most of all, I’m grateful that the steadying hand of Providence that guided the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock continues to guide us toward a better future.

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential nominee, is author of the new book, America by Heart.

Every Thanksgiving, Americans give thanks to God for all the blessings we have. And there are no people in the world who should be more grateful than the American people.

What we’ve had for over 200 years is unparalleled in human history — a free and prosperous society where generation after generation has been able to leave the next better off.

We’re thankful for the blessings of our country, and we’re also cognizant of the responsibilities that come with those blessings. On this Thanksgiving holiday, let’s take a moment to remember how special a country we share, how exceptional it is in human history, and how important it is that we secure its blessings for the next generation of Americans.

My wife Jeanette and I are also thankful for the friendship and support we’ve been blessed with. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to travel throughout Florida for the better part of the past two years, meeting many extraordinary people and hearing many inspirational stories about the talent, drive, and hard work that make our state and country special.

From my family to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

Marco Rubio is a U.S. senatorelect from Florida.

Two great Americans celebrating the great American holiday.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)