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The GayPatriot Report is LIVE
Tonight at 9PM Eastern

I’m back live tonight at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network with The GayPatriot Report.

My guest tonight is Gregg Phillips (@JumpVote on Twitter).  In 2012, Phillips served as the President and Managing Director of the award winning Super PAC, Winning Our Future.  The PAC received notoriety for the distribution of the smash documentary, “King of Bain: When Mitt Romney Came to Town”, which helped generate a win in South Carolina for Newt Gingrich and accrue the undying hatred of the GOP establishment. The effort also garnered the largest single earned media effort in recent presidential history.

I’ll be talking to Gregg about his new efforts to improve the GOP’s outreach and ground game for 2016.

I will also talk about North Korea and how to prepare for an EMP attack.  What is an EMP attack? Well, you better listen!

Feel free to call in as well — toll free — 877-297-8022.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)


Hello good folks.  My apologies for not blogging here since CPAC.  As mentioned on this blog, I have been seriously considering running for United States Senate in 2014 from the state of South Carolina.

Tonight, I will discuss my decision on a special edition of The GayPatriot Report at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network.


I may write a blog post for tomorrow, but I wanted to make the announcement in my actual voice tonight.

Feel free to call in after about 9:20PM!  877-297-8022.  Happy to take calls and discuss my decision.

Also… I plan to talk about this breaking news item.  And laugh out loud.

-Bruce Carroll (@GayPatriot)

The GayPatriot Report is LIVE – Tonight at 9PM Eastern

Two very special guests join me on The GayPatriot Report this evening. First at 9PM Eastern, the author of “Bullies” – Ben Shapiro.  Ben and I will discuss the book as well as Ben’s run-in with Piers Morgan and how to combat the cadre of leftist bullies dominating the airwaves these days.

At 9:30PM, I will be joined by Zeke Stokes, Communications Director for OutServe/Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

OS-SLDN supports, defends and empowers LGBT service members, veterans and their families. Our mission is to strengthen military culture by securing equal opportunity, equal protection and equal benefits, without threat of harassment or discrimination, for LGBT service members and veterans.

Zeke and I will discuss the nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary and how gays in the military are reacting, given Hagel’s past.

It should be a great show!  Please tune in at The 405 Radio Network and feel free to call in: 877-297-8022.

Or listen live right here!


-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

The GayPatriot Report – LIVE FROM DC


Tonight I’m live from our nation’s capital… and I have two great guests.  The GayPatriot Report will air at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network.

For the first half-hour — author, humorist and political commentator Evan Sayet will discuss his new book, KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks (Vol. 1).

Feel free to call in and we will take your questions at 877-297-8022.

In our second segment, I interview Olly Neville, libertarian political activist and former chair of the Youth Independence wing of the UKIP political party in the United Kingdom.  We talk UK politics, gay marriage and his recent run-in with UKIP party leadership which led to his removal as chair.  It is a great interview, so please listen in.

Join me at 9PM!

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

The GayPatriot Report with guest Adam Baldwin


Tonight, my special guest on The GayPatriot Report will be television and film actor Adam Baldwin.  He comes from a different family tree than the “other Baldwins” — so no relation to Alec.

You may remember Adam’s roles in NBC’s “Chuck” and the “Firefly” series and movie.

Tonight, I’ll be talking guns and freedom with Adam as I know this is a big passion for him.

The GayPatriot Report airs LIVE at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network.   There will be a podcast available shortly after the show is finished.

We would be happy for callers!  The toll-free number is 877-297-8022.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

TONIGHT AT 9PM EASTERN: The Gay Patriot Report

I’m going to power through this six-week old flu/cold thing and enjoy the show tonight with guest Todd Kincannon. If you don’t follow Todd on Twitter, you don’t know Twitter.

The show begins tonight at 9PM Eastern on The 405 Radio Network. Feel free to call in and join us: 877-297-8022.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

TONIGHT: The GayPatriot Report at 9PM EASTERN
The Fiscal Cliff and You!

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 5:45 pm - November 29, 2012.
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Tonight my guest is Lachlan Markay of the Center for Media and Public Policy, the investigative journalism operation at The Heritage Foundation. 

Our topics will be The Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, Taxes, and of course the pending Mayan Apocolypse which may or may not all be related.

Please tune in at 9:00PM Eastern Time – CLICK HERE FOR THE SHOW.

Also, I would love to have some callers.  Lachlan will be with me for the whole hour.

Please call after 9:30PM at (646) 716-8574.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)

TONIGHT AT 9PM – The GayPatriot Report on Blog Talk Radio

Posted by Bruce Carroll at 4:55 pm - October 25, 2012.
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I have a great show planned for tonight at The GayPatriot Report on BlogTalkRadio!

My first guest is Chris Loesch, conservative activist, singer/songwriter and music producer.  And he is a terribly funny guy.  We are going to discuss the state of the Presidential race, the constant “squirrel” distractions by the Obama campaign, and the Missouri Senate race (Chris’ home state).

In 9:30 block, I’m pleased to welcome Andrew Marcus, the director of the new movie “Hating Breitbart” which recently opened in limited release.  I’ll ask Andrew about how the film came to be, how it is doing at the box office and prospects for a wider release.

Here’s the “Hating Breitbart” trailer….

So please join me tonight at 9:00PM Eastern Time.  HERE’S THE LINK FOR THE SHOW.

Also, if you would like to call in and speak to me or our guests, the number is (646) 716-8574.

-Bruce (@GayPatriot)