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A Couple of Defectives

Posted by V the K at 7:24 am - June 26, 2015.
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A gay and transsexual couple from Russia hate that country’s anti-gay laws so much that they have defected… to ISIS.

The pair claimed that they had suffered persecution and abuse from family and locals in the home in Kamchatka region in the extreme east of Russia.

They hoped they would be welcomed if they went to Syria after watching an ISIS recruitment video online.

The source on this seems pretty dubious; not Chinese newspaper dubious, but enough to advise caution. Still, it’s not completely implausible. After all, Queers for Palestine is a thing.

Ban All The Things!

Posted by V the K at 7:45 am - June 25, 2015.
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There is a danger in making concessions to insane radicals.

The idea of banning the Confederate flag in response to a shooting that had absolutely nothing to do with the Confederate Flag began with dim, soft-bellied Republican politicians like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush who thought consigning the Confederate Battle Emblem to museums would be a nice, feelgood concession to the left which would heal wounds and bring us all together.  Others said, “This isn’t about banning the flag, it’s about taking it off Government buildings and you’re silly (and racist) to think it will go any further than that.”  Others said, “I’m not a southerner, so I don’t care about that flag. Let’s just concede the argument so we can put this all behind us and move on.”

It didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, companies like WalMart, eBay, and Amazon upped the ante by banning sales of Confederate Battle Emblems entirely; the National Park Service joined in, too.  Apple has reportedly removed Civil War Games from their app store because they use the CBE.

So much for those who insisted this wasn’t really a ban.

Sensing weakness, the crazies of the left immediately pounced and began demanding more concessions; and nothing short of an ISIS-style erasure of American cultural history and icons will satisfy them now.

In dealing with the left, one must remember that they are a selfish and irrational people. Political Correctness is the outward expression of their piety in their progressive socialist religion. They demonstrate their moral purity to one another through one-upmanship, no demand is so crazy that it cannot be topped be an even crazier demand. It’s a game no one can ever win.

Put another way, if you give a monster a cookie, he’s only going to demand more cookies.



The Next Phase of the War on Southern Culture

Posted by V the K at 7:20 pm - June 24, 2015.
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When Will the Left Ban T-Shirts Celebrating This Racist?

Thanks, guys in the comments.


To a Lot of People, This Flag Represents Hatred and Bigotry

Posted by V the K at 7:42 pm - June 23, 2015.
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John Nolte has a point, if you’re on the wrong side of gay marriage or any other agenda items, then this is the flag of your oppressor. This is the flag they waved as they took away your business, made you lose your job, or vandalized your church.

This Confederate Battle Emblem business isn’t really about sparing people’s feelings, or ending discrimination. It’s about showing who has political power, and who doesn’t. And I have proof for this proposition.

The Pope’s Hypocrisy

Item 1: Pope Francis attacks wealth-holders and calls for the redistribution of (other people’s, natch) wealth to the poor.

Hypocritical Element: The Vatican’s holdings are worth tens of billions; and there is no discussion of liquidating them for distribution to the poor.

Item 2: The Pope says that Weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christians.

Hypocritical Element: Not only is the Pope protected by paramiliaries armed with firearms, but the Vatican Bank is a major shareholder in Pietro Baretta Arms.

Item 3: In issuing an encyclical calling for the faithful to embrace the dogma of Climate Change and support the expansion of Government power and the diminishing of individual rights in order to fight it, the pope said, “I would like to enter a dialogue with all people about our common home.”

Hypocritical element: “All People” does not include climate change skeptics, who were excluded from participating in the encyclical.

You begin to see why this Pope is unusually popular on the Progressive Left. And watching the party that has always insisted that religion had no business in government, the same progressives who have been slamming the Roman Catholic church for decades, suddenly cheering as the Pope endorses their policy prescriptions is rich indeed.

The Left’s Obsession with Symbols and Magic

Posted by V the K at 7:34 am - June 23, 2015.
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The silly and idiotic bureaucrats at the World Health Organization have undertaken a project to change the names of all diseases to make them politically correct; the previous names were hurting the feelings of people… and pigs, apparently.

Meanwhile, in America, the left rallies around banning the Confederate battle emblem, which is apparently a magical totem with the power to deprive an entire race of people of the ability to achieve and self-actualize.

The left is culture obsessed with symbols.

As much the left wants to blame the killings in Charleston or the failures of large portions of the black race on the “stars and bars,” the flag had nothing to with these problems any more than its presence on the roof of the General Lee enabled it to sail through open boxcars on moving trains and emerge unscathed on the other side.

There is nothing evil or magical about the Confederate battle emblem. To believe so is childish.

Anger about the flag allows a large group of utterly useless people to rally around a cause and get a temporary ego fix because they are “change agents(TM)” or that they are somehow going to “change the world” by protesting against a piece of cloth. (Yeah, it’s funny how the American flag is “just a piece of cloth” when lefties want to burn or stomp on it, but the Confederate war emblem is “a totally important SYMBOL, you guys.”)

And if engage the rationalization that, “Well, it’s wrong to have the Confederate flag on a Government building, but no one is suggesting making it totally illegal,” you are a very naive individual indeed. The sitgmatization effort is already in full force. Try to hang one in a college dorm room and see what happens.

The problem isn’t so much with the immediate arguments, but with the implication.
Taking the flag down is conceding, “OK, you’ve got us. This is hate speech, so we’re taking it down.”

This 1.) Legitimizes the idea that hate speech can and should be censored and 2.) cedes to the left all the power in deciding what hate speech is.

It is not a good precedent.

What did Hillary do for oppressed gays while Secretary of State?

When the immediate past Secretary of State first announced her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, only a handful of my Facebook friends indicated their support for Mrs. Clinton, almost all of them gay.

But, what precisely has the former First Lady done for gays?  In her eight years in the Senate, did she work to repeal the relics of her husband’s administration, the Defense of Marriage Act or Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell?  (And by working, I mean, not just indicating her opposition to these laws, but actually taking action, lobbying her fellow legislators, pressing her party’s leadership to push repeal.)

And then in her four years as Secretary of State when she–and her supporters–boasted that she was the most-traveled Secretary of State, breaking travel records, among the many countries she visited, she surely visited some countries which oppressed gays.  When meeting with the leaders of those lands, did she ever discuss their treatment of our fellows and press them to change their policies?

And did the leaders of the various American gay organizations press her to act on behalf of our oppressed fellows?

Am I the only one asking these questions?

Just asking.

UPDATE:  As per the comments below, seems that Mrs. Clinton did raise the issue of anti-gay policies in Uganda with that nation’s leader President Yoweri Museveni in her summer 2012 swing through Africa.

McDonald’s Rebrands as a “Progressive” Burger Company

Posted by V the K at 12:02 pm - June 21, 2015.
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So, let me ask you. If you find yourself craving a burger, does the social philosophy of the company that vends the burger matter more than the taste and cost of the burger?

The new corporate leadership at McDick’s thinks it does, or perhaps, should

McDonald’s British-born CEO Steve Easterbrook clarifies things, sort of, while speaking a strange business dialect: McDonald’s will be “more progressive around our social purpose in order to deepen our relationships with communities on the issues that matter to them.”


Just make me a burger and let the SJW’s worry about “social purpose”


Winning by Losing?

Posted by V the K at 11:26 am - June 21, 2015.
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Jazz Shaw at HotAir seems to think that losing the same sex marriage case before the Supreme Court would be good for conservatism because it would rally the base or something.

So what happens when (assuming it does) five, six or seven justices vote in favor of gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges? Do you honestly think that everyone is going to shrug their shoulders, suddenly realize they were wrong all along and just go home? I highly doubt it. In fact, in many of the states where the voters are most closely divided, it’s going to energize the base with an even greater interest in stopping more liberal appointments to the court in the next term. Conversely, if gay marriage is struck down at the federal level, the battle will shift back to the states and places like Florida will see a massive surge in activity by liberal, pro-gay marriage advocates eager to fight it out from state to state to state.

Personally, I’m with the professional court watchers on this one. I expect the court to find in favor of gay marriage. But conservatives shouldn’t be rending their garments too heavily just yet. In terms of political fortunes, it may just put more gas in your tank.

Alternately, the effect of a loss might also demoralize the conservative base even further than it has been given its repeated betrayals and abandonment by the national GOP. As, is likely, the pro SSM side prevails in the SCOTUS, the state will have successfully deconstructed the family (a process begun in the 1960′s with the expansion of welfare and the sexual revolution) deconstructed marriage, and even deconstructed the very definition of what it means to be a man or a woman. The left will march triumphantly through the ruins.

When the courts appoint for themselves the power to decide issues that ought to be decided democratically, it tends to drive wedges even harder into the divisions of society.

The Human Race Breathes a Sigh of Relief

Posted by V the K at 9:32 pm - June 20, 2015.
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A Social Justice Warrior has decided not to reproduce because it would pass her mental illness white privilege to the next generation.

“There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants. I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”

“If I was going to pass on my privilege, I wanted to pass it on to someone who doesn’t have racial privilege; so I planned to adopt. I disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more,” she writes.

“I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too.”

If only we could get them all to take vows of non-reproduction.

Remind Me Again How Stormdoor Was a Right-Wing Conservative

Posted by V the K at 2:26 pm - June 20, 2015.
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The Democrat Media Narrative is that the Charleston Shootings were caused by guns, conservatism, and the Confederate flag; they have categorized the attack as “right-wing extremism.”

And yet…

Leftist Logic demands we boycott Gold’s Gym

From Stormdoor’s manifesto:

“I hate the sight of the American flag. Modern American patriotism is an absolute joke. People pretending like they have something to be proud while White people are being murdered daily in the streets. Many veterans believe we owe them something for “protecting our way of life” or “protecting our freedom”. But im not sure what way of life they are talking about.”

Change the word “White” to “Black” and he’s basically Melissa Harris-Perry or any other MSNBC host.

Still skeptical that Stormdoor should be treated like a terrorist, since that would mean Obama sets him free and gives him money. However, he does increasingly resemble another famous domestic terrorist…


How can a Government Run by the Smartest People in the World Be So Destructively Incompetent?

Posted by V the K at 12:33 pm - June 20, 2015.
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We are told by credentialed historians that Barack Obama is the smartest man to ever hold the office of president. We are told that ivy-league educated progressive leftists from the east and west coasts are the smartest people of all, far intellectually superior to those teabagger conservative dirt-kickers in flyover country. We are also told that not only has the president chosen the smartest people around, but they are also selflessly dedicated to working hard on behalf of others. We are also told the Democrats are the “party of science,” not swayed by partisanship, but only an objective commitment to doing things right.

How then has all this happened in such a “smart” administration?

And I am certain you can think of more examples, but the question remains; how can an administration we are told is so smart do so many epically stupid things.

New Orleans Commemorates 5th Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina

Sweden Is a Silly Place

Posted by V the K at 7:03 am - June 19, 2015.
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Not that anyone has been paying attention, but there has been some Neo-Soviet aggression taking place in northern Europe, including submarine intrusions into Swedish water and practice bombing runs against Swedish targets.

I realize this is less interesting than the breaking news that Caitlyn Jenner has learned to queef, but indulge me.

Sweden’s defense budget is such that Sweden was not able to launch fighters to defend its territory during the Russian exercises. Instead, NATO jets from Lithuania were dispatched instead. This week, NATO is performing combat exercises in Sweden as a show of strength against Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet ambitions.

Sweden is in the latter stages of leftist moonbattery. Its own military is practically nonexistent, so it depends on NATO (i.e. the United States) for its defense. But it’s not as though Sweden doesn’t have an Onionesque military strategy to defeat Neo-Soviet aggression.

Sweden is using an underwater ‘gay sailor’ to scare off any Russian submarines which might enter their territory.
The country has installed an underwater ‘gay sailor’ in an effort to deter any future underwater encroachments.
The unique device also comes with a sonar system that sends out the Morse code saying: “This way if you are gay”.
It’s hoped that any Russian submarine will be spooked by the notion of gay acceptance

Because that is how progressive leftists think; they are not serious people capable of dealing with life’s harsh realities, they are giggling children who want to play make-believe.

This would be less of a problem if the progressive left weren’t also totalitarians hell-bent on forcing their lunacy on everyone else.

Rand Paul’s Tax Plan

Posted by V the K at 7:53 pm - June 18, 2015.
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I’ll be in my bunk.

“I’m running for president to defeat the Washington machine. And to do that, we have to drive a stake through the heart of the IRS and our terrible tax code. We need to tear it up and start over, with a plan that’s simple, fair, and cuts taxes for every single American. Let’s start with the workers tax cut. For most Americans, the biggest tax they pay is the FICA tax on their paycheck. And all anyone ever tries to do is raise that tax or pretend you’re not paying it. In my tax plan, the first thing we’ll do is eliminate the workers tax. That’s right. It’s gone. Zero. Nothing. That means that every single working American would keep thousands of dollars more in their paycheck We’re not stopping there. We will end corporate welfare and eliminate the army of lobbyists and tax lawyers gaming the system. But also, no more mom-and-pop businesses paying 40 percent. Everyone pays the same, and it will grow our economy. In fact, the Tax Foundation studies show my plan will create nearly 2 million jobs. Finally, every American taxpayer, everyone will be able to file a very simple return on one page at a low and fair rate of 14.5 percent — for every single American. And the guy with the most lawyers and accountants doesn’t win; you do. My plan will cut taxes for everyone. It will end corporate welfare and special tax breaks. It will create jobs, and it will get the IRS out of your life.”

Another Self-Inflicted Hate Crime?

Posted by V the K at 7:45 pm - June 18, 2015.
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From the “what a stereotypical leftist thinks a bigoted Christian sounds like” wording of the “hate note” to the fact that the “victim” is publicizing a “GoFundMe” Account, this smells like rotten fish.

A Baltimore woman claims to have found this note “inside her door” attacking her for her “Rainbow and Obama” themed front yard. So, she immediately sets up a GoFundMe account and begins seeking publicity on social media.

I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my Home even More “relentlessly gay” If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a Rainbow Roof!

Because my invisible relentlessly gay rainbow dragon should live up there in style!


And people are apparently donating money to this. Because it’s not like, you know, veterans or disadvantaged children could use some charity.

Helping a scam artist fund her invisible gay dragon should be all of our priority.

Left-Wing Democrats Grave-Dancing on Charleston Shooting Victims

Posted by V the K at 5:42 pm - June 18, 2015.
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If you’ve caught any media today, you know that the Democrat Left is absolutely joygasmic over the shooting in Charleston SC last night. This is the shooting they have been waiting for! This is what they had hoped every mass shooting up until now would be: white racist with a gun, black victims. The only way this could have been better is if the victims were gay or Muslim and the shooter was a Republican politician. So much win for The Narrative, if you’re a leftist Democrat.

Politicize all the things! It’s the Democrat way.

One victim, however, took a much classier approach than our Ruling Class.


Gay Brownshirts Against Civility

Posted by V the K at 9:41 pm - June 16, 2015.
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Apparently, the Gay Left wants to make sure no one ever has a civil conversation with a Conservative.  No amount of groveling will make up for talking to one of those filthy people. And if they have to enforce these rules by behaving like middle schools… that’s just how they roll.

A few months ago, the oh-so-tolerant LGBT activists completely lost their minds after two prominent gay hoteliers, Ian Reisner and Mati Weiderpass, hosted a foreign policy discussion event for presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Because GOD FORBID they find some common ground with Cruz. Gay marriage should dictate all of your political views. Every. Single. One of them.

On Sunday, Mati Weiderpass got kicked out of a Fire Island bar for arguing with another customer over hosting the Cruz event.

“One guy got up and asked him what the rationale was to have dinner with Cruz. They got kind of heated and before you knew it, there was a lot of people yelling,” customer Evan Lobel said.

The club’s owner, P.J. McAteer, then asked them to leave. When they left, everyone cheered.

Because tolerance.

On an unrelated note, this is a thing that happened. I don’t feel like writing a post about it, but it happened.

And then there were 12…

Posted by V the K at 6:02 pm - June 16, 2015.
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As noted by Ace, Donald Trump is what a hobo imagines a rich man to be.

YouTube Preview Image

The GOP field is up to at least 12, now. Personally, I’d like to divide them into two teams and put them on “Hell’s Kitchen,” because that would tell us more about them than a bunch of “debates,” which are really nothing more than interviews with scripted questions and scanned answers. (Also, having Gordon Ramsay call Jeb! a donkey would be worth it.) There are four distinct groups of GOP, only one of which should be taken Seriously.

Flawed, but worth voting for: Cruz, Jindal, Paul, Perry, Walker
Establishment hacks: Jeb!, Kasich, Rubio,
Hell no: Graham, Pataki, Christie, Huckabee
Sideshows: Fiorina, Carson, Trump

You could make a case for Rubio in the first group (I don’t trust him) and Perry for the second. And Fiorina may not have a chance, but she’s useful in that she can bring it to Hillary.

It’s hard to get too worked up because I don’t think any Republican could possibly repair the damage Barack Obama has inflicted and continues to inflict on the country.

The Case for President Hillary

Posted by V the K at 5:39 pm - June 16, 2015.
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An interesting article on how problematic the Hillary candidacy is for the Democrat Left. “There’s a poorly kept secret in the media and on the progressive Left heading into 2016: They don’t want Hillary Clinton.” Apparently, even someone as far left as Hillary Clinton isn’t nearly radical enough for the Obama base.

None of which matters. No one… let me allcap that… NO ONE is going to vote for Hillary based on qualifications, or even ideology. Even her supporters admit this.

47% of the country would vote for a sea sponge if it had a D next to its name. It also helps that Hillary and the LIV’s want to vote for another “historic first” “because it’s about time we had a woman president” and then go back to cooing over whatever Celebrity Culture has vomited up this week. Also, a substantial part of the Democrat base is insulated from the economic consequences of social Democratic rule on the basis of wealth, dependence on welfare, or employment in the government bureaucracy. The Democrat base has enough bread and circuses to keep it from having too much curiosity about the outside world, and no friggin’ clue about anything important that’s happening.

What Democrats actually believe...

What Democrats actually believe…

The “informed voters” of the Democrat Left and the Democrat center-left will line-up behind Hillary because even if she isn’t as radical as they would like, and even though she reeks of corruption like the smell of a house with 267 cats in it, they will decide that she will be a reliable enough caretaker of Obama’s legacy with the potential to appoint enough SCOTUS Justices to tip the balance and create a leftist court amenable to gun control and censorship of political speech.