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More Progressive Infantilism

Posted by V the K at 9:32 am - March 23, 2015.
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In Hipster Central (Brooklyn NYC), there is a place where alleged grown-ups can pay hundreds of dollars to behave like pre-school children (or Brown University feminists).

You can see why the left fetishizes childhood; a responsibility-free existence at other people’s expense. It is basically the Democrat platform and sales pitch.

Feminism Becomes Infantile

Posted by V the K at 8:47 pm - March 22, 2015.
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Brown University allowed a debate on campus between shrill feminist Jessica Valenti (a loathsome misandrist known for wearing a T-shirt bragging that she “bathes in men’s tears.”) and Wendy McElroy, a libertarian on the subject of whether college campuses are really the dangerous rape zones feminists make them out to be. The campus feminists and administrators became hysterical, thinking about all the trauma that would be inflicted on college chicks when they heard a woman express skepticism toward feminist “Rape Culture” dogma. How could they comfort the poor dears?

This is what they came up with:

[S]tudent volunteers put up posters advertising that a “safe space” would be available for anyone who found the debate too upsetting.

The safe space, Ms. Byron explained, was intended to give people who might find comments “troubling” or “triggering,” a place to recuperate. The room was equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets and a video of frolicking puppies, as well as students and staff members trained to deal with trauma. Emma Hall, a junior, rape survivor and “sexual assault peer educator” who helped set up the room and worked in it during the debate, estimates that a couple of dozen people used it. At one point she went to the lecture hall — it was packed — but after a while, she had to return to the safe space. “I was feeling bombarded by a lot of viewpoints that really go against my dearly and closely held beliefs,” Ms. Hall said.

Poor feminists, they really are not emotionally equipped to deal with the big scary world. Maybe they should stay at home in the kitchen… where no one can hurt them.

Anti-Gun Group Wants to Deny Women Access to Self-Defense

Posted by V the K at 2:23 pm - March 22, 2015.
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Moms Demand Attention Action, a left-wing anti-gun group founded by a Democrat activist and dedicated to implementing New Jersey style “common sense gun laws” … which allow a man to be sentenced to seven years in prison for transporting legally owned firearms in a locked box from his old residence to his new one… is strongly opposed to a new Michigan law that allows women in “domestic violence situations” expedited access to concealed carry permits. The shrill attention whores activists of MomsDemand are against the new law.

Regarding the expedited concealed carry permits now available to women who are in a domestic violence situation, (Moms Demand Spokesperson Kirsten) Moore does not approve. Even though that law was passed so women who face threats could quickly get and carry a gun for self-defense, Moore said the expedited permits show that Michigan is moving in the “wrong direction.”

OTOH, another shrill feminist thinks it’s white men who should be denied access to self-defense.

White guys cannot be trusted to use guns responsibly. It is time to stop giving guns to white guys,” (Shrill Feminist Andrea) Grimes added. ”I mean, it’s time to stop giving guns to everybody, but we can start with the white guys.”

On a personal note, I am on a quest to escape the People’s Republic of Maryland and move to a state with a less totalitarian stance on the Right to Self-Defense. (Maryland has neither a Castle Law, nor a Stand Your Ground law. In Maryland, if a criminal threatens you, you are legally required to put yourself at his mercy.) I texted my son that as soon as I move out, both myself and my companion will be getting CCW permits. His text in response is presented for your consideration:

I always thought gays should embrace CCW as an often victimized and persecuted group. Jews too… but we know how that normally goes. **sigh**

Daughter Raised by Lesbians Doesn’t Think Gays Make Ideal Parents

Posted by V the K at 10:19 pm - March 19, 2015.
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Heather had two mommies; what she really wanted was a daddy.

I grew up surrounded by women who said they didn’t need or want a man. Yet, as a little girl, I so desperately wanted a daddy. It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father, for a man, in a community that says that men are unnecessary. There were times I felt so angry with my dad for not being there for me, and then times I felt angry with myself for even wanting a father to begin with. There are parts of me that still grieve over that loss today.

I’m not saying that you can’t be good parents. You can. I had one of the best. I’m also not saying that being raised by straight parents means everything will turn out okay. We know there are so many different ways that the family unit can break down and cause kids to suffer: divorce, abandonment, infidelity, abuse, death, etc. But by and large, the best and most successful family structure is one in which kids are being raised by both their mother and father.

Certainly, kids are better off in any kind of stable home environment than in a dysfunctional one. That being said, committed heterosexual marriages are the ultimate best arrangement for nurturing well-adjusted children.

Democrats Are Middle-Schoolers with Car Keys, Part LXXVII

Posted by V the K at 9:31 pm - March 19, 2015.
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Hillary Clinton thinks there should be Summer Fun Camps for Grown-Ups, because the Democrats are running out of free sh-t they can promise people.

“As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need camps for adults,” she said to laughter.
“I think we have a huge fun deficit in America. And we need to figure it out how to fill that fun deficit.”

Somehow, I really don’t find the notion of Hillary Clinton putting people in camps entirely implausible.

EPA Looking to Get Into Your Shower and Barbecue

Posted by V the K at 9:17 am - March 19, 2015.
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The enviro-religious fanatics at the EPA want to clamp down on backyard barbecues and hotel shower length.

“We expect to limit the overall air pollution PM [particulate matter] emissions from barbecuing and to alleviate some of the acute health hazards that a barbecue pit master can experience from inhalation. The particulate matter present during cooking with and without the grease diverter and PM2.5 filters will be tested and compared to that of current data using a conventional propane barbecue using a fumehood chamber with detectors at CE-CERT. Personal exposure of PM2.5 will also be monitored throughout the experimentation period to determine the degree of acute exposure of particulates to the cook.”


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower.

The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to “modify their behavior.”

Gee, and to think some people think the Tea Party is irrational for thinking Government is too big and too intrusive. Isn’t it worth having $18 Trillion in national debt to receive this kind of quality effective Government?

University of Minnesota Offers Minor in LGBTQ Studies

Posted by V the K at 10:31 pm - March 18, 2015.
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Yeah, this should prepare students for lucrative jobs lecturing coffee buyers about the evils of racism. The University of Minnesota – Duluth ($23,522 [In-state and illegal immigrants] $27,188 [Out-of-state], is adding a Minor Concentration in LGBTQ Studies… which will be as useful as any other degree in a field that has the word ‘Studies’ in it.

“This minor will prepare students for life,” Gesa Zinn, head of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, told Campus Reform. “‘The job’ the LGBTQ minor prepares students for is to understand and embrace all members of an increasingly diverse society.”

To complete the minor, students will have to take classes such as An Introduction to LGBTQ Studies, Queer Theory, Queer Cinema in International Perspective, History of the Homosexual Rights Movement 1895 – Present, and Queer Media.


Obama Fails to Oust Netanyahu

Posted by V the K at 8:00 pm - March 18, 2015.
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The petty, bitter POTUS sent a team of advisors to Israel to help Netanyahu’s opposition in the Israeli election, even going so far as to provide Netanyahu’s opponent with $350,000 in US Taxpayer money to interfere in a foreign election.

The good news is, Obama failed utterly, and Netanyahu beat the pollsters with a solid victory.

Obama, still the bitter, petty little man he is, refused to congratulate Netanyahu on his victory. In the past, he has been quick to congratulate radical Muslims and other sketchy world leaders on their ascent to power.

The Left Admits One of Many, Many Lies

Posted by V the K at 10:31 am - March 17, 2015.
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Leftist WaPo columnist Johnathan Capeheart admits that “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a falsehood embraced by the left in order to advance a political agenda.

Thanks, John, now admit the same thing about “Global Warming.” And Trayvon Martin. And the “War on Women.” And “Voter Suppression.” And “Republicans hate minorities.” And…

Oregon Democrats Expand Vote Fraud

In a state where politicians believe motorists are too dumb to pump their own gas, every adult who “interacts” with the Department of Motor Vehicles will now be automatically registered to vote and mailed a ballot… expanding the Democrat voter base by 300,000 lazy, dumb, and apathetic people whose ballots will be scooped up and filled out for them by ACORN-type community organizations.

Progressive Left Discipline Policies Working as well as All Other Progressive Left Policies

Posted by V the K at 10:03 pm - March 16, 2015.
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For Social Justice, schools in New York, Chicago, and California have replaced proven, traditional methods of discipline with hippy-dippy therapy sessions:

Convinced traditional discipline is racist because blacks are suspended at higher rates than whites, New York City’s Department of Education has in all but the most serious and dangerous offenses replaced out-of-school suspensions with a touchy-feely alternative punishment called “restorative justice,” which isn’t really punishment at all. It’s therapy.

Most likely, they will be sent to a talking circle instead, where they can discuss their feelings.

So, the politicians and SJW’s feel gooder about themselves for being so progressive and enlightened; much as they do when they raise the minimum wage or settle disease-infected illegal immigrants into unwitting communities. And, as usual, the people who have the policies forced on them are the ones who suffer. As it turns out, letting thugs talk through their feelings with other thugs doesn’t make them any less thuggish. And sending them back into the classroom isn’t good for anyone.

Recently mandated “positive interventions” have only exacerbated discipline problems in the largely minority Santa Ana public school district, where middle-school kids now regularly smoke pot in bathrooms — some even in class — and attack staff — spitting on teachers, pelting them with eggs, even threatening to stab them, according to the Orange County Register.

Progressives: Is there anything they can’t f–k up?


Seattle Leftists Encounter Cause and Effect

Posted by V the K at 5:46 pm - March 16, 2015.
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Progressive left Utopia Seattle raised it’s minimum wage to $15 an hour because most of its voters are selfish and economically illiterate. As of April 1st of this year, a $15 per hour minimum wage that will begin to be phased in over the next 3-6 years depending on the size of the business. However, there are going to be a lot fewer people in the category of “People who have jobs in the city of Seattle” by the time all businesses are subject to the new wage.

Last month—and particularly last week— Seattle foodies were downcast as the blows kept coming: Queen Anne’s Grub closed February 15. Pioneer Square’s Little Uncle shut down February 25. Shanik’s Meeru Dhalwala announced that it will close March 21. Renée Erickson’s Boat Street Café will shutter May 30 after 17 years with her at the helm…What the #*%&$* is going on? A variety of things, probably—and a good chance there is more change to come.

In addition to restaurants closing, hotels are also cutting staff and raising room rates. The full force of the wage requirement is a few years off. Businesses like restaurants with razor thin profit margins are the canaries in this particular economic coal mine.

Meet Buttercup: The Gay White Nationalist Brony

In the interest of diversity and intellectual open-ness, may I present one Buttercup Dew; a young man thoroughly disillusioned with the left’s multicultural, socialist, anti-Western indoctrination.

It was around this time I was coming to terms with being a flaming homo, so I frequented the gay bars around the place. I saw a lot of working class, masculine white men in their 30s and 40s, standing around with their thumbs metaphorically up their asses while the DJ blared out “Tragedy.” The contradiction between the male reality and “third gender” leftist fantasy about homosexual men was made very apparent to me at that time, so I never really bought the gay identity that the Left was selling. Nor did I buy the Multicult fantasy that my university town was “twinned” with Bumfuck, AK47ville, Islamistan, so this all fueled my intellectual journey to White Nationalism. It opened a window to an identity I belonged to innately, and gave me a greater purpose than sulking beside a rainbow flag. The music and ideology of White Nationalism projected an ideological shield around me that I was part of racial folk movement that was very remote, and vastly superior to, the nancy-pampy filth that surrounded me.

It’s almost as if the Progressive Left’s rhetoric about “inclusiveness” and “diversity” could be seen by some as a veiled effort to marginalize white people.

I came out of the university with a mountain of debt, a disillusionment with Culturally-Marxist Enviro-Crap in every shape, and a barely contained existential crisis. It was at this point I started My Nationalist Pony. I grappled with finding an identity and gloomy employment prospects, and was sustained by two things: White Nationalism as a temporal power, and My Little Pony as an emotional, visionary power. I immediately recognized My Little Pony as a white racial folk analogy, and began to read further and further into the alternative right. It was at this point that my real intellectual formation began.

An increasing number of millennials can relate to the first sentence of the above.

H/T: Steve

BTW: Have you heard that Swedish Muslims are angry about the number ’786′ appearing on license plates and want it banned. And like the good little dhimmis they are, the Swedes agreed, because that’s Modern Society’s reward for accommodating a Superstitious Medieval Death Cult.

The State of the Sexes

Posted by V the K at 10:00 am - March 16, 2015.
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John Bailey and Brenna Harvey, graduate students at Rutgers University in New Jersey, are showing a group – an even mix of men and women, mostly in their 30s, mostly graduate students studying gender – the fruits of their research into bronies: men who like My Little Pony. They have been studying a particularly extreme subset of bronies, they explain. Men who fetishise the ponies. The pair bring up a screengrab. One brony has posted a picture of a My Little Pony wearing sunglasses and drinking lemonade by a pool. In the comments beneath, the poster has made the fatal mistake, at least within this community, of admitting that he lost his “wizard eligibility 26 years ago” – has had sex with a person – and that he does not “clop” – that is, masturbate – to the images. Another brony had responded immediately: “Go be normal somewhere else, faggot.”


This portrait of the delicate female bears a striking resemblance to that 50′s ideal my mother and other women of her generation fought so hard to leave behind. They didn’t like her passivity, her wide-eyed innocence. They didn’t like the fact that she was perpetually offended by sexual innuendo. They didn’t like her excessive need for protection. She represented personal, social and intellectual possibilities collapsed, and they worked and marched, shouted and wrote to make her irrelevant for their daughters. But here she is again, with her pure intentions and her wide eyes. Only this time it is the feminists themselves who are breathing new life into her.

Is this dysfunction really pervasive in society? Or is it only progressives and SJW’s who are this effed up?

The “Hillary Was Right to Break the Law Because Republicans Are Mean” Defense

This should go well with Low Information Voters and the rest of the Democrat Identity Cult.

From Reptilian Overlord James Carville:

I suspect she didn’t want [Republican congressman] Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails, which seems to me to be a kind of reasonable position for someone to take.

From Democrat Shilling USA Today:

If your name is Clinton, and you’re a high-ranking public official in one of the most politically polarized moments in U.S. history, it would be impossibly naive not to assume that conflict would arise and that, even if you were cunningly circumspect in your e-mails, that something damaging would not slip through.

The President Is a Spoiled Brat

Posted by V the K at 6:21 pm - March 15, 2015.
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Has there ever been a President that spent so much time hurling childish insults at the opposition party?

Taking a swipe at the GOP, the President said, “You don’t diminish your office by taking a selfie. You do it by sending a poorly written letter to Iran.”

Here is the president not diminishing his office by taking a selfie at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.


LGBT Make Death Threats Against Pro-Freedom Politician

Posted by V the K at 11:37 pm - March 13, 2015.
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An Oklahoma state senator has introduced a bill protecting the right of businesses to serve, or refuse to serve, anyone they choose. The New York Times ran an article in which they selectively edited his statement to make it sound like he was singling out Teh Gheys in terms of who businesses don’t have to serve.

Yes I did say that homosexuals do not have the right to be served in every store, just as I do not believe that I, my family, or anyone else have the right to be served in every private business.

Now, he and his family are getting death threats from the Gay Fascist Left.

Because tolerance.

The Left Severs All Relations with Reality

Posted by V the K at 11:02 pm - March 13, 2015.
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Apparently, there is some upset on the left for failing to acknowledge that men who believe themselves to be women also have the right to abortion.

Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions. “We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions,” wrote feminist activist Lauren Rankin in July 2013 in She went on to criticize as exclusionary slogans like “the War on Women” and “Stand with Texas Women.”

This reminds me of something.

YouTube Preview Image

Univision Fires Gay Man for Insulting the FLOTUS

Posted by V the K at 12:41 pm - March 13, 2015.
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The Univision TV Network fired one of their hosts (who happens to be, you know, gay) for saying unflattering things about Michelle Obama.

The left-wing Univision cable network has fired Emmy-winning host Rodner Figueroa for comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to an ape. During his show, Figueroa showed photos of the First Lady and said, “Mind you, you know that Michelle Obama looks like she’s part of the cast of “Planet of the Apes,” the film.”

Remember when Bill Maher got fired for calling Sarah Palin a “stupid c*nt?” Oh, wait, he got a raise and a contract extension. Nevermind.

Update: Apparently there is some ambiguity over whether he was actually referring to the FLOTUS.

Seems a Bit Unstable

The Coalition of the Left was thrilled when New Hampshire voters elected “the first openly transgendered legislator” to the statehouse because … unless one is conservative… victim-group status trumps qualifications every time.  So how did this triumph of identity politics work out?

Not so well.

Stacie Laughton, the state’s first openly transgender legislator who was elected to the House of Representatives and then withdrew her candidacy days later, said Thursday that she is the person responsible for calling in a hoax bomb threat at a local hospital.

After spending two weeks receiving treatment at a Vermont hospital for bipolar disorder, Laughton walked into the Nashua Police Department at noon on Thursday and turned herself in on a warrant for the Feb. 27 incident.

Gee, who would have thought being estranged from the biological reality of one’s existence might be connected to mental illness?

Reading on — and noting that the press accounts avoid any mention of party affiliation, I had to go to wikipedia to confirm he’s a Democrat — it seems this individual had a few felonious contacts with the criminal justice system relating to credit fraud.

A mentally ill leftist with a history of fraud? Surely there’s a place for him in some blue state’s congressional delegation.

Cue the music…