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Socialism and Authoritarianism Are Joined at the Hip

Posted by V the K at 1:45 pm - January 27, 2016.
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In the Netherlands (a progressive democratic-socialist Eurotopian country in the Bernie Sanders model), the police are paying house calls to intimidate people who express the wrong ideas in social media.

Throughout the Netherlands, the police visits are part of campaign led by local authorities to address concerns related to social media at the communal level. A spokesperson from the municipality of Loon op Zand, which governs Kaatsheuvel, told DW that police in her municipality only rarely pay personal visits to social media users. If they do, she says, the goal is to clarify that user’s intentions and plans for real-world protests.A police spokesperson from the Oost-Nederland region added that similar programs in his region are intended to be proactive rather than reactive: Local authorities let social media users know in advance that they’re walking a fine line, and they also inform those users that they could face incitement charges if their calls for protests ultimately result in violence.

All Socialist countries will incline toward authoritarianism; this is because all Socialists are authoritarians in their bones. They are people who are driven to outrage that other people may make choices they disagree with. The socialist doesn’t like guns, therefore *you* will not be allowed to own a gun. The socialist hates the American South; it’s culture will be mocked and its symbols erased. The socialist approves of gay marriage, therefore you will be punished if you don’t support gay marriage. When socialists control the State, they control the apparatus to enforce compliance. This is their goal.

Note how many leftists today are cheering because the FBI killed a protester in Oregon last night, and want more.

There Are No More Words

Posted by V the K at 10:01 am - January 27, 2016.
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Swedish police tried to save a 10 year old boy from a “migrant” refugee camp where he was being raped repeatedly. The “migrants” wouldn’t let them.

Tommy Robinson, ex-leader and founder of the English Defense League, reports that ten Swedish police officers fled a refugee center after being surrounded by a mob of violent “migrants.” The police had been called in after the staff at the center failed to safely transfer to another facility a 10-year-old boy who was being repeatedly raped. The staff’s inability to transfer him was due to a “hostile attitude” from the “refugees” when they made the attempt.

Progressive Leftists will claim it’s “xenophobic” to bring this up. I actually would prefer that this story turned out to be a hoax, but it is not inconsistent with the behavior of Mohammedan migrants or the cultural norms of the countries they come from.

Comments on Various Items in the News This Morning

Posted by V the K at 8:16 am - January 27, 2016.
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Trump bailed out of the Thursday debate because Fox would not remove Megyn Kelly. FoxNews should have someone program a Donald Trump Quote generator based on an algorithm of his responses in previous debates. Megyn Kelly could pose it questions and it would spew out a random string of superlatives and hyperbole.

The parent company of FoxNews donates millions of dollars to a group that advocates Amnesty and Open Borders. So, Trump may have a point in calling them biased. But if he can “work with” Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, as he said, why not Megyn Kelly?

Tolerant Progressive Chris Matthews asks ‘Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?’ Definitely not the same people who want to watch a debate between two senile white Socialists and a human Ken doll.

Illegal immigrants love Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. Mainly because they are promising to take the most money from other people and buy them things with it. It’s too bad for them illegals aren’t allowed to vote. (Wink, wink.)

When Trump said he would make Mexico pay for his wall, everybody said that was unrealistic and stupid. But Ho Chi Minh Sanders making ‘The Rich’ pay for Free Healthcare, Free College, Free Daycare and Free Everything for everybody including all the illegals …. that’s Visionary!

CNN says Bernie Sanders has an 18% chance of winning the Republican nomination. Given the state of the GOP Establishment, they may actually be right about that.

A Democrat city councilman in Indiana has been sworn in while in jail on murder and drug charges. And you wonder why Democrats don’t care that Hillary used an illegal email server to cover up her influence peddling?

Social Justice Wankers: MLK’s Dream Speech Is Kinda Un-PC

Posted by V the K at 10:25 pm - January 26, 2016.
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“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream…”

Hey! Hey! Move it along, bigot. The University of Oregon doesn’t need your hate speech.

Seriously, the Student Government at the University of Oregon considered removing MLK’s most famous quote from a campus building under renovation, because, y’know… what’s so special about black people?

But as renovation continues, the Oregon Student Union seriously considered replacing that quote. “The quote is not going to change,” reports student paper Oregon Daily Emerald, “but that decision was not made without some hard thought by the Student Union Board.”

When the student union considered the question, some students asked, “Does the MLK quote represent us today?” The problem wasn’t so much the message, but the fact that it only focused on racial diversity instead of gender identity.

“Diversity is so much more than race,” said one sophomore architecture major. “Obviously race still plays a big role. But there are people who identify differently in gender and all sorts of things like that.”

What Are Your Three Big Issues?

Posted by V the K at 4:34 pm - January 26, 2016.
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A comment from Sean L. got me to thinking.

Too many voters choose candidates for stupid reasons. “Which candidate would I rather have a beer with?” Or, “I want to be part of history and elect the Historic First Woman/African-American/Transgender-Atheist-Vegan-Differently-Abled-Muslim-Illegal-Immigrant.” Or, “I refuse to vote for Republicans because they are all Theocrats who will outlaw sex and put gay people in prison camps!” But there a few of us left who care about philosophy, policy, and other stuff that isn’t cool. And while there’s a broad range of issues to consider, one can usually come down to three issues of paramount importance.

These are mine. What are yours?

  • Immigration: I want current law enforced until such time as the law is reformed. The law should be reformed to make illegal immigration as difficult as possible, and limit legal immigration to a level that is socially and economically sustainable.
  • Constitutional and Human Rights: I want uncompromising support for Constitutional Rights. In a candidate, I want a commitment to appoint and fight for strict Constitutionalist judges.
  • Regulatory Reform: The Regulatory Apparatus of the Federal Government should be pared down severely and future major regulations subject to Congressional approval.


Posted by V the K at 4:32 pm - January 26, 2016.
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Americans Grow Fed Up with Elite Condescension

Posted by V the K at 10:14 am - January 26, 2016.
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From RCP: Americans Are Tired of Elites Considering Them Stupid and Vicious

George W. Bush, after the attacks of Sept. 11 made a point of visiting mosques and calling Islam a religion of peace.

Undoubtedly, he then feared that many Americans would attack and assault Muslims, actual or perceived, and a very few such attacks occurred. But government statistics count far fewer “hate crimes” against Muslims than against Jews.

Nonetheless Obama still behaves as if any suggestion that terrorists shouting “Allahu akbar!” has something to do with Islam will spark massacres and persecution across the country. The American people are seen as a great beast, incapable of reason or cool judgment. Stupid and vicious.

The Rebellion against Political Correctness…. which Donald Trump has successfully tapped into… is in part a rebellion against the Ruling Classes condescending to us; which is a passive aggressive way of expressing their contempt for us.

Back when I lived in Maryland, I knew more than a few people who thought that everything west of the DC suburbs and east of I-5 was a savage wasteland filled with dangerous inbred hicks. When we decided to move to the Midwest, a lot of people expressed what they thought was genuine concern for our safety. It’s incredibly how provincial the coastal elites are. And, yes, the contempt of the coastal elites for ‘Flyover Country’ is deep and sincere.

Gary Johnson Is Starting to Look Pretty Good

Posted by V the K at 8:53 am - January 26, 2016.
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So, here’s what’s been going on with the leading candidates from both parties (plus one wannabe Napoleon).

This may be an election in which determining the lesser of two evils is nearly impossible. If neither party nominates anyone sane, I will be taking a good long look at the Libertarians this time around.

I was just editing Book 12 of my SciFi ebook series and I had totally forgotten than Donald Trump, in hologram form, makes a cameo appearance. He is the host at a giant casino on Ganymede that features the solar system’s largest and classiest sexateria.

So Enlightened!

Posted by V the K at 8:08 am - January 25, 2016.
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In Progressive, Enlightened New York City, the city council has told police to stand down on enforcing laws against public urination. Because, apparently, holding all people to the expectation of not urinating in public is “RAYCISS!”

“We know that the system has been really rigged against communities of color in particular,” council member Melissa Mark-Viverito, a Democrat (of course – Ed.), told the Times. “So the question has always been, what can we do in this job to minimize unnecessary interaction with the criminal justice system, so that these young people can really fulfill their potential?”

On Monday, Mark-Viverito and other council members will introduce a set of bills called the Criminal Justice Reform Act. The laws are designed to make several quality-of-life laws much more toothless. Misdemeanor crimes to be nearly-but-not-quite decriminalized include public urination, excessive noise, drinking in public, marijuana possession and miscellaneous public park-related infractions.


Terrible Boss Stories

Posted by V the K at 9:16 pm - January 24, 2016.
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Tomorrow, a lot my former colleagues in the National Capital Region will have the day off; possibly much of the week off. I’ll be at work since this part of “Flyover Country” was not affected by the Big Blizz. And you know what? That’s perfectly fine. Since leaving New Rome, I’ve discovered that the office isn’t so bad when it’s not on the other side of a ninety-minute commute. It’s also better when you don’t have to work for a horrid boss.

Not to go into too much detail, but the management at my previous company hired a very, very bad person to head the department I worked in. I could write an entire Management book based on her. The letter I left at my exit interview was twelve pages long, single-spaced, and accompanied by a PowerPoint demonstration that just listed and categorized the humiliations, petty gamesmanship, unprofessional behavior, general incompetence, and actual physical abuse she had demonstrated since coming on board. I don’t think I was alone, since no fewer than twelve people resigned from our department between the time she came in and the time I left; and our department was only about 20 people.

This person, called her “Bebe,” was obsessed above all else with how things looked to upper management. She actually spent as little time as possible working with our department as she could, because she was trying to get in on every Executive Level meeting, even when it had nothing to do with her. Anyway, there were several people in our department who worked flexible hours and telecommuted; they had been hired in with that promise. It was especially valuable for mothers who had to work schedules around their children and the always horrible DC/NOVA traffic. She implemented a policy of ‘Core Hours,’ meaning everyone had to be in the office from 8:30 to 5:30, because … I am not making this up… “It looks bad when one of the VP’s walks through and sees a bunch of empty cubicles.”

She, by the way, routinely rolled in between 10 and 10:30.

And there was worse. Much much worse than that, but I don’t want to turn this post into a long, whiny diatribe. But I thought maybe others had terrible boss stories they would like to share with the class.


Look, Everyone, A Safe Space!

Posted by V the K at 3:19 pm - January 24, 2016.
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Who knew Alabama in the 1956 was on the cutting edge of Progressive thought?


Hat Tip: I Require Art


MultiCulturalism at Work

Posted by V the K at 3:47 pm - January 23, 2016.
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Angela Merkel and the Eurotopian Left are fundamentally transforming Eurotopia much like the American Left is doing in what was once the United States of America. Their efforts are rapidly bearing fruit.

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’t training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.

This behaviour in Zwickau is not by any means unique in Germany. Breitbart London has reported on a number of sex attacks on children in swimming baths over the past week, with girls as young as 11 and boys as young as three being targeted by migrant gangs. On one occasion in Munich, a pair of young girls enjoying the waterslide at their local pool were groped, “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees”.

Obviously, these refugees have been oppressed by the intersectionality of power and privilege; which the left obsesses over to the exclusion of such piddling things as terrorism, the National Debt, and economic decline. This Social Justice obsession has — somewhat ironically — led the American and Eurotopian Left to abandon Post-Enlightenment ideals like Free Speech and Individual Rights and actively promote the aims of Mohammedist Atavism.

Because of intersectionality’s insistence that identity politics trumps all, reflexive condemnation replaces reasoned discussion, and those claiming to represent a higher good smother the rights of individuals. Likewise, intersectionality compels one to adopt agendas that have nothing to do with his or her own. Worse, in the name of “solidarity” with other supposedly “oppressed” groups, it leads to alliances with those actively hostile to one’s cause. This is how a gay rights organization led by well-meaning progressives can be duped into disinviting private citizens of the one country in the Middle East respecting the humanity of gays, all at the behest of people who use cultural relativism to excuse Muslim societies that throw homosexuals from the tops of buildings. Denouncing A Wider Bridge as an “Israel advocacy organization,” Spade accused it of promoting a “regime producing colonization and genocide,” a morally scandalous statement not just for its tacit comparison of Jews to Nazis, but also its deliberate elision of the very real genocides taking place in nearby Islamic lands. In a world of people who want to murder them for being Jewish, denying the rights of Jews—and Jews alone—to live their own national life is a moral evil no different than targeting LGBT people or anyone else for being who they are—and that would be true even if Israel wasn’t the sole bastion of LGBT rights in the Middle East.

The Progressive Left is perfectly comfortable embracing Mohammedans who sexually assault women and murder gay men. It’s American Christians with guns they cannot stand.

Straight Couple Claims Britain’s Civil Partnership Laws Discriminate Against Them

Posted by V the K at 7:44 am - January 21, 2016.
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From the Telegraph.

A heterosexual couple who want to enter into a civil partnership rather than marry have urged a judge to rule that they are being discriminated against.

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, who are both academics and live in Hammersmith, west London, argue that the Government’s position on civil partnerships is “incompatible with equality law”.

Dr Steinfeld, 34, and Mr Keidan, 39, who have been in a committed relationship since November 2010 and have an eight-month-old baby, want to secure legal recognition of that relationship through a civil partnership.

Some of us think that a Civil Partnership should be the only thing The State acknowledges.

Do I think they have a point? Yes.

Do I think they are mostly doing this to get attention and media? Also, yes.

Speaking of marriage, Pakistan recently tried to make it illegal for creepy old guys to marry pre-pubescent girls. It was blocked by Islamic clerics who said the law would be an affront to Islam.

One Year to Go

Posted by V the K at 6:44 am - January 20, 2016.
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As of today, there is only one year left in the Obama Presidency. This could be a time to reflect on his disastrous policies – doubling the national debt, strangling the economy under a record number of new regulations, turning the Middle East into a giant tire fire – but instead, let’s mark this anniversary by recalling some of the most embarrassing moments of the Obama presidency.

  • The president taking selfies at Nelson Mandela’s funeral like an ill-bred teenager
  • The president sending James Taylor to sing at the French Embassy after a terrorist attack.
  • The president thanking Iran for humiliating American Sailors
  • The president bowing to the Chinese and Saudi dictatorships, literally. And bowing to the mayor of Tampa Florida because she’s Asian, one supposes.
  • The president working out with 2 1/2 pound dumb bells on one of his many vacations.
  • The president gifting the Queen of England with a mix tape of his own speeches and the legally blind British Prime Minister a box of DVD’s that are unplayable in the UK.
  • The president having a good laugh at the golf course 20 minutes after making a statement about an American murdered by terrorists.
  • The First Lady at a 9/11 ceremony caught on video, “All this for a damn flag.”
  • The Vice President giving impromptu breast exams to every woman within reach.

That’s just off the top of my head. What other embarrassments has this president inflicted on our country.



Brilliant Satire

Posted by V the K at 6:36 am - January 20, 2016.
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Modern Feminism:My Feminist Boyfriend Isn’t Working Until The Wage Gap Is Fixed

Would it be fair for him to work the same amount of hours in a comparable job and make more money than me? Definitely not! Until the wage gap is closed in all fields, he will not be working. Which is…fine. And good! It is good.

A lot of people who aren’t as committed to fighting the patriarchy (like my parents) just don’t understand why my boyfriend can’t work while being an activist. Couldn’t he just volunteer at Planned Parenthood to support women? Sure, he could and he totally would (he said that once after we had sex) but he doesn’t want to take the glory away from women volunteering at Planned Parenthood. He’s so thoughtful!

Coming Out as a Gay Conservative

Canadian blogger James Campbell came out as a gay conservative. Familiar story: Conservatives have no problem with him being gay. Gays have a Big Problem with him being conservative.

I play and coach in a LGBT soccer league. After a game one night I was approached by one of the organizers, who warned me that other members were talking about my comments, “found my views repellent” and that I was “making enemies.” I asked him to specify which particular view was so offensive. Apparently it was an anti-Hillary article I posted. I had attacked the queen bee and the hive was responding.

My fiancé’s gay friends pressured him over my views and in turn he applied this pressure to me. He was extremely upset after he found out that one of my favourite books was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. His gay friends had persuaded him that only sociopaths could enjoy such a book.

Gay men accused me of having “internalized homophobia” for failing to celebrate with gusto the giant publicity stunt which was marriage equality — a teaspoon of distraction in exchange for a bucket of freedom.

I was called a sociopath, a psychopath, “cisgendered,” right-winger, retard, fascist, arrogant and dangerous. I was even anonymously threatened with violence.

This bit was kinda interesting.

For years, while living in Vancouver, I kept my silence whenever the topic of politics came up. I remained silent while my friends chimed in with the canned laughter as Jon Stewart ridiculed conservatives.

I remained silent when my friends said, “Isn’t Justin Trudeau’s gender neutral cabinet just awesome?”

I remained silent as my friends talked about how wonderful they were for starting a petition to let more Syrian migrants in.

Very telling how leftism works. The leftist leadership sends down a message, “Syrian immigrants are good. You must support Syrian immigration.” And that becomes the thing everyone supports, mindlessly and without question. because not supporting means you’re not part of the tribe, you’re not one of ‘the cool kids.’ Being on the Progressive Left is like being in middle school… forever.

I could not stand living like that.

“Black Queer Liberation Collective” Blocks Traffic on Bay Area Bridge

Posted by V the K at 12:36 pm - January 19, 2016.
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Apparently, “Black Queer Liberation Collective” is liberal code for large angry women with bad haircuts.


According to a statement, the name of the group responsible is Black.Seed, which is a black queer liberation collective, not to be confused with San Francisco’s other black queer liberation collectives. And yes, they did compare their action to the Selma march and presented a list of demands, the first of which is “the immediate divestment of city funds for policing and investment in sustainable, affordable housing so Black, Brown and Indigenous people can remain in their hometowns of Oakland and San Francisco.”

It’s too bad that the voters of San Francisco and Oakland haven’t elected progressive politicians that put minority rights at the very top of their agenda. Oh, wait…

Where Jeb Went Wrong

Posted by V the K at 9:58 am - January 19, 2016.
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When posting about Jeb Bush, the first question is, ‘Does anyone even care?’ But, still…

IMHO Jeb had two fatal problems, and they were closely intertwined. The first and most obvious was, on key issues like Amnesty and Common Core, he was simply way to the left of the mainstream Republican voter. Jeb’s wealth and family connections insulate him from the consequences of mass immigration and bad public schools; he really doesn’t have skin-in-the-game on those issues and can’t relate to those who do.

The second is his inauthenticity. Jeb tried to run as a conservative and nobody bought it. Jeb has always been a Big Gov moderate like his dad and his brother. People who are insulated from the negative consequences of progressive, big government policies tend to favor them. Jeb Bush has always been a creature of the political establishment — that part of the GOP that has more in common with their Democrat counterparts than with the people who vote Republican. These are the guys who are always happy to compromise (i.e. capitulate) in the interest of “bipartisanship” and “showing the American people we can work together.” He even gave Hillary a medal, for Set’s sake.

If Jeb had run as the Big Government moderate he really is, in his heart of hearts, he would at least have consolidated the Establishment Moderate vote behind him. But by trying to pass as conservative, he only succeeds in alienating both wings. All of the really expensive video mailers in the world won’t help an inauthentic politician who is out of touch with his voters.

It takes the complicity of the entire national media to pull that off.

Why Iowahawk Is a National Treasure

Posted by V the K at 9:12 am - January 19, 2016.
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This sums it up nicely.


BTW: 43% of Iowa Democrats identify as Socialists. Wow, was it really not that long ago that Democrats feigned outrage at the suggestion that they and their leadership was Socialist?

BTW II, Hillary’s feminist allies in the Democrat-Media Complex are blaming sexism for her tanking poll numbers.

Yeah, sexism. That must be it. I can’t think of any other reason Hillary might be unpopular.

For Once, I Agree with Hillary

Posted by V the K at 8:03 am - January 19, 2016.
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Leftists seem to have a persistent knack for lacking self-awareness.