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Child Abuse

Posted by V the K at 11:48 am - December 6, 2017.
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The Progressive Left celebrates a 10-year-old drag queen.

You’ll never see the social left celebrate a young boy for being really good at sports, or academics, or fixing cars, or hunting and fishing; because that’s “toxic masculinity” don’tcha know. For that matter, ten year old boy dressing as a hypersexualized drag queen… they love it. But a little girl dressing as Moana has parents that are worse than Hitler.

They will always celebrate perversity in order to normalize it.

Wedding Cake Fascism, Act V; Scene I

My opinion on Wedding Cake Fascism has been abundantly clear; in line with my libertarian principles and the Non-Aggression Principle, I don’t believe the Government has any right to force any business to sell to any customer they don’t want to. Full Stop.

Nevertheless, oral arguments at the Supreme Court happened yesterday. I’m pretty sure it will come down to 5-4 ruling in favor of Wedding Cake Fascism because Old Man Kennedy — who found a right to “dignity” in the Constitution to make gay marriage the law of the land — will find that “dignity” requires forcing Christians to bake cake for gay weddings (but not Mohammedans to transport leader dogs for blind people).

There were some interesting (interesting being a euphemism for horrifying) comments made by the wedding cake fascist side, including this one:

Chief Justice Roberts: “So Catholic Legal Services would be put to the choice of either not providing any pro bono legal services or providing those services in connection with the same-sex marriage?”

Colorado lawyer: “Yes”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is perhaps the dumbest person to ever sit on the Supreme Court, had this to say after the baker’s lawyer said people shouldn’t be forced into expressive activities that support gay marriage: “Then don’t participate in weddings!”

Get it? The wedding cake fascists are arguing that if you engage in business, you forfeit any right to choose who you do business with.  And if you don’t want to do business with certain people, you shouldn’t start a business. It’s analogous to saying you forfeit your 3rd Amendment rights by owning a house. (If you don’t want to quarter troops, don’t own a house.) If you don’t want your property searched without a warrant, just don’t have property.

I am pretty much done with this topic. I wouldn’t even have said anything were it not for the very scary and fascistic assertions made by Sotomayor and the Colorado lawyer at the SCOTUS. Anyway, CFG wrote a piece about it, but it’s nothing I haven’t said already: Why I Don’t Want to Force Anybody to Bake a Cake for My Gay Wedding.

Also, Matt Walsh has been commenting on what a nasty pair of vindictive little bitches are the gay couple who started this lawsuit. I think he’s right, they do seem bitter and self-loathing. People who respect themselves and are self-validating don’t need to have the state bully people for not  liking them.

The Progressives Really Do Worship Government

Posted by V the K at 9:06 am - December 6, 2017.
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Nothing says Christmas Non-Specific Late December Holiday like topping your Non-Specific Late December Holiday tree with a figure of the stern authoritarian visage Hillary “Popular Vote” Clinton. Celebrating Sustainability on Earth and Goodwill toward Democrat-Aligned Interest Groups (everybody else is a white supremacist.)

It will go perfectly with your Transgender Nativity Scene. But I wonder, does it come packed in a giant black van you can hustle it into when it falls off the tree?

Have a politicized Non-Specific Late December Holiday, and an endlessly bitter and spiteful new year (according to the culturally oppressive Western Patriarchal Calendar).

Hollywood Morals

Posted by V the K at 11:39 am - December 5, 2017.
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The LA Film Critics’ Picture of the Year is about an adult gay man’s sexual relationship with a teenager.

The group of America’s top film critics met Sunday to vote on their annual rankings. Their top pick was “Call Me By Your Name,” which follows a 17-year-old Italian boy who develops a sexual relationship with his father’s 24-year-old American intern. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the movie is a film adaptation of André Aciman’s romantic novel of the same name. It has been hailed as “an erotic triumph” by the New York Post, “a romantic marvel” by The Atlantic, and “a gorgeous gay love story” in The Guardian.

If Hollywood is trying to redeem its image after the Weinstein-Spacey cases, this is probably not the best way to do it.

I wonder how the child rapist Victor Salva is doing these days. Still finding work, I trust.


Hysterically shrieking “Republican tax cuts are going to kill us all!” is the official position of the Democrat Party.

But don’t forget, Global Warming is also going to kill us all. And repealing Obamacare is going to kill us all. Changes to the school lunch program are going to kill our children so they won’t even live long enough to commit suicide as transgender teenagers.  Even the slightest cuts to the size and scope of the Federal Bureaucracy, that’s going to kill us all, you betcha. And concealed carry reciprocity is surely going to kill us all.

But, hey, it’s better than being sent to Mike Pence’s Electrocution Death Camps.


Stupid Is as Stupid Does

MSDNC Democrat Media Operative Joy Reid is a racist idiot, but the kerfuffle over the gay-baiting posts on her old blog is somewhat overblown. Feel free to disagree.

The Ever-Changing Rules

Posted by V the K at 10:02 am - December 4, 2017.
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Was reading this article about yet another progressive pederast; this time, the progressive conductor of the New York Metropolitan Opera, Jmes Levine. Seems he had a penchant for molesting teenage boys. Two years ago, CBS News labeled him “America’s Greatest Living Conductor.”

Most of these accusations date back to the 1970’s; and are not dissimilar to the behavior of iconic LGBT pederasts like Harvey Milk, Gerry Studds, or Harry Hay. The sexual “revolution” of th 1960s manifested itself in the wide open, no limits sexual license of the 1970s. The 1970s were when a lot of the people who are trouble today … Al Franken, Roy Moore, John Conyers, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Ed Murray … developed their sexual morality. It was an era when Alan Alda … whose Hawkeye Pierce character on M*A*S*H would be considered a sexual predator and rapist today … was a feminist icon.

The idea of rape and sexual harassment were still present, but rape was pretty much limited to what Whoopi Goldberg would call “rape-rape,” actual forced penetration of a woman by a man. Sexual harassment was pretty much limited to “perform sexual acts for me or you’re fired.” But over time, the rules changed. Initially because there were forms of sexual misconduct like “date rape” that didn’t fall under the previous definitions.

But the bar for what constituted “rape,” “sexual assault,” and “sexual misconduct” drifted ever downward. Feminists insisted that a man must have verbal consent from a woman for every action he did in the course of a sexual encounter, or else it was rape. If a woman changed her mind days after consenting to a sexual encounter, that was rape, too. Touching a woman or even looking at her (the male gaze) could be “sexual assault.” Telling a joke in the workplace about a stray hair on a can of Coke, or even complimenting a woman on her appearance could be “sexual harassment.” Asking a woman on a date more than once was “sexual misconduct.” The panoply of sex charges expanded as feminists learned how potent these weapons could be in pursuit of political power.

How shocking it must have been for men now in late middle age or older that the sexual conduct they were raised to believe was OK was suddenly not OK. Even as recently as the 1990’s, feminists were extending to President Bill Clinton the courtesy of the one-grope rule, and proclaiming that grateful feminists should be lining up with their knee-pads at the ready to service Bill Clinton out of sheer gratitude for protecting abortion. Democrats honored Gerry Studds by naming a wildlife sanctuary in his honor (upon his censure by Congress for sodomizing a sixteen year old page, his hometown constituency welcomed him with cheers). The pederast Harvey Milk was made the subject of an Oscar-winning hagiography. Roman Polanski — who drugged and raped a thirteen year old girl in the 1970s — received a standing ovation in absentia at the 2003 Academy Awards. Even as the rules changed, it seemed that certain men could be excused from them, if they were sufficiently powerful and useful to the agenda.

Al Franken could almost be … if not forgiven, at least understood… for thinking that grabbing a woman’s behind during a political event, or sticking his tongue down a woman’s throat at a USO tour was acceptable behavior, because when he was a younger man, it totally was. It was even acceptable to say things like this:

“I just don’t like homosexuals. If you ask me, they’re all homosexuals in the Pudding. Hey, I was glad when that Pudding homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.” The smile became so broad it pushed his eyes shut. He couldn’t stand it any longer. “Put that in, put that in,” Franken laughed, leaning over the desk. “I’d love to see that in The Crimson.”

The people who are safest when the rules change are those who adhered to the much older set of rules that the Sexual Revolution threw aside: Get married, stay faithful, and don’t put yourself in a position where your morality could be compromised. Mike Pence was actually attacked by the left for following this precise rule.

A Most Remarkable Weekend

A remarkable thing happened over the weekend; Democrats rediscovered their concern about the national debt, state’s rights, and voter fraud; and they have come around to believe that a Bible-based Theocracy would be a good thing.

The same Democrats who had no problem helping Barack Obama double the national debt to a mind-blowing $20 Trillion have attacked the Republican Senate’s limpwrist “tax reform” bill claiming it will add $1.5 Trillion to the national debt over ten years.

$1.5 Trillion represents less than 3% of Government spending over the next ten years. If that’s a problem, then, by all means, cut spending by 3%.

Also, progressives are pointing to the Bible and insisting that it commands people to support a Government that taxes heavily and spends profligately.

Democrats are also  suddenly hollering about “state’s rights” because Congress is looking to make concealed carry licenses valid across state lines; like driver’s licenses. (And, yes, most states require training and a background check before a concealed carry license is issued.) The Democrats have suddenly taken a position analogous to claiming Rosa Parks only had the right to sit in the front of the bus while she was in Alabama.

And, if I may circle back to the tax bill, if California leftists don’t want the tax cuts, then they can just do what they did with immigration law; make up their own rules, and continue to collect taxes at the old rate. Because “states’ rights.”

And, after denying for years that voter fraud exists, Progressive leftists are suddenly up in arms about alleged voter fraud.

A local Alabama chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) {Why do they still get to say ‘colored people?’ – Ed.} is alleging voter fraud in a nonpartisan city council race despite the organization’s national president claiming that voter fraud is a “myth.” Meanwhile, a progressive candidate in Minneapolis, Minn., who was endorsed by the local chapter of a national group linked to the Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) movement, is also accusing a fellow progressive opponent of voter fraud.

Like I said, it was a most remarkable weekend.

Weak Tea Tax Bill Causes Insane Leftist Meltdowns

Posted by V the K at 3:32 pm - December 2, 2017.
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The tax “reform” bill the US Senate passed last night is pretty lame, actually. It keeps the current ridiculous progressive structure of seven separate tax rates. (The House reduced it to four, and the correct number ought to be one.) Susan Collins was bought off by retaining the mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes for millionaires. Freeloaders at the lower income brackets still pay nada. Some high income progressives from blue states are whining because some of their state and local taxes are no longer deductible. Sucks that you progressives in high tax blue states forgot to elect any Republican senators. 

There has also been a lot of howling from the “suddenly we’re concerned about the debt” progressive left that the bill will add $1.5 Trillion to the National Debt over ten years. That figure represents less than 3% of Government expenditures in that time period. Cut Government spending 3% (I’m sure we can get by on 97% of the Government). Problem solved.

It’s a lame bill. Really, the best part of the Senate Bill passing has been watching the histrionic meltdown on the Progressive Left. (But even that gets a little boring considering the progressive left has a histrionic meltdown at literally everything Donald Trump does.)

America died tonight. Economic suicide adopted to feed the insatiable greed of donors, who have been refusing to dole out $ to GOP until they got their tax cuts. Voters fooled by propaganda and tribal hatred. Millenials: move away if you can. USA is over. We killed it. – Kurt “Tentacle Pron” Eichenwald

The Republican Party is the enemy of the American people. The Senate just passed the Trump Tax Increase, 1:50am, enriching the 1% & concentrating wealth in the hands of the few. Capitalism & Fascism. The coup is underway. Make no mistake about it. EVERYONE OFF THE BENCH! 11/6/18! – Michael “I was relevant for a while in 2003” Moore

“While you slept last night Trump’s pedophile-coding GOP broke into your house and raped your children and their future in favor of the Republican’s biggest donors. They groped you too taking your Medicare, social security and Medicaid with them.” – Frank “No I’m Not a Drama Queen at All” Schaeffer

Is there any going back after this #TaxBillScam? To America? Does it matter now if Trump is impeached? There’s no America now. Not the one we knew. Sorry, feeling real despair this morning. – Patton “Who?” Oswalt

Oh, Patti, don’t feel so bad. There are lots of other countries you can move to. Have you considered Mexico? No Republicans there. Strict gun control, too. The Government is very progressive, taxes are very progressive, and economic activated is highly regulated. It’s a lot like California, come to think of it. But with fewer Mexicans.

Really, the second best part of the tax bill is the cut in the corporate rate from “highest in the industrialized world” to “middle of the pack.” (The senate bill delays this cut for a year because senators are dumb.) This will spur real economic growth. And I have to ask, if it’s so great for Democrat run principalities to offer enormous tax breaks to targeted by businesses like Amazon and Boeing, then wouldn’t general tax breaks to all businesses be a great thing as well?

Also, if individual states want to give it a go at Democratic Socialism, why not? California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington and Illinois all have larger populations and GDP’s than Denmark. Nothing is preventing them from implementing Danish-style socialized health care, free college, and cradle-to-grave welfare systems. Democratic leftists insist that Democratic Socialism is the best system, and they are the bestest and smartestest people ever. So, they ought to be able to make it work in the states they control and show the rest of us how it’s done, Right?

As Foretold in Prophecy

Posted by V the K at 1:21 pm - December 2, 2017.
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The state of Hawaii established a state gun registry to “protect public safety.” They are now using it to confiscate guns. If only someone had warned that a gun registry would be used in exactly this way.

The Age of Derp Is Upon Us

Posted by V the K at 10:31 am - December 2, 2017.
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Tis the Season to Be a Virtual Signaling D-Canoe

Posted by V the K at 3:27 pm - December 1, 2017.
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Some gay douchebags in California (of course) decided it would be edgy and transgressive and shocking to the normals to do a Nativity Scene featuring Jesus’s Two Gay Dads.

I’m not “outraged” about this, I just think it’s asinine and stupid.

Also, you know that left-wing website ‘,” they are canceling the open bar at their ‘Holiday Party’ because they don’t trust their employees not to get drunk and engage in “sexual misconduct.” This New Puritianism is really something.


Local News Story; Nothing to See Here

Posted by V the K at 8:36 am - December 1, 2017.
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Just in time for ‘Worlds AIDS Day,’ An HIV positive educator at a public school in Maryland molested 42 boys between the ages of 11 and 17 and made sex videos with at least 10 of them.

This would have been national news if he were a Roman Catholic priest.

Also, an educator in Florida propositioned a teenage girl to become his “sex slave.” Anthony Weiner is all like, “Damn, I knew I should have gone into teaching.”

The Sanctuary Jury

Posted by V the K at 8:30 am - December 1, 2017.
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Illegal immigrant fires a stolen gun into a crowd of people. Bullet ricochets and kills a woman. Illegal immigrant tosses the gun into the ocean. Illegal immigrant gives police multiple conflicting versions of what happened. San Francisco jury hears the evidence and declares the illegal immigrant not guilty of anything except “possession” of a gun he claims to have “found” only seconds before that “went off in his hands” (or when he kicked it, or when he was shooting at “sea life,” depending on which of the many different accounts he gave to police … if any … were true.)

The San Francisco jury’s verdict was purely political. Purely. The comments made by the defense attorney (who was Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2008) made that clear. This was an “in yer face” to Donald Trump and every American who wants secure borders (“racist” deplorables). This jury knew that if they found the illegal immigrant guilty of murder or manslaughter or even negligent homicide, their Chardonnay-swilling peers would have ostracized them.  Or, given the violent proclivities of the activist left, put their families in danger.

This isn’t the first time a sanctuary jurisdiction has decided the American laws don’t apply to illegal immigrants. In Montgomery County, Maryland, an illegal alien teenager drove a stolen car with a stolen AR-15 to school. (Just count the number of state and Federal felony charges.) The judge lowered his bail and released him so ICE would not deport him.  An Oregon judge helped an illegal immigrant drunk driver escape through the back door of the courtroom to evade ICE.

Supposedly, the Federal Government will now get to step in and deport the illegal. There are two problems with this. 1. The killer was deported five times before, so deporting him is more of an inconvenience than a punishment. 2. There is no guarantee the Sanctuary City of San Francisco will turn him over anyway.

Not Even Social Leftists Can Explain LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP

Posted by V the K at 9:37 pm - November 30, 2017.
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Lots of Tuckerface in this one.

YouTube Preview Image

The Progressive Room 101

University Thought Police Interrogate a Dissenter Who Offended a Transgendered.

YouTube Preview Image

At about 18:00, the interrogator … in his annoying, condescending, effete academic accent… informs her that free speech is a Nazi belief, and exposing transgendereds and other “marginalized communities” to ideas they don’t like will cause them to commit suicide.

At 25:00 in, the interrogator says that college students are children who need to protected from scary ideas.

At 33:00 he explains how the purpose of the university is to indoctrinate students in approved, politically correct ideas.

“Fact” Checking

Posted by V the K at 8:53 am - November 30, 2017.
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Mike Pence made a statement about the American work force that was technically correct (the best kind of correct), but the Washington Post “Fact-Checker” called it a lie because he’s Mike Pence and we hate him because if you look at it in a certain context it’s … oh, Hell, they called it a lie because they hate Mike Pence. Full stop.

Meanwhile, Liz Warren gets a pass on claiming to be a Native American to take advantage of Affirmative Action hiring policies. No, instead of really examining her claim (which does not stand up to scrutiny), they just call people racist for pointing it out. The Washington Post admits it refuses to fact check Liz Warren’s claim. “We urge readers to look into on their own and decide whether Trump’s attacks over Warren’s background have merit.”

And this is why it’s called ‘The Democrat Media Complex.’

Will Progressives Rethink Strategy Now That It’s Backfiring?

Posted by V the K at 6:17 pm - November 29, 2017.
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When the Feminists embarked on the strategy of weaponizing “sexual misconduct” allegations to take down “the Patriarchy,” they had in mind men like Clarence Thomas, Roy Moore, Donald Trump, and Bill O’Reilly. I don’t think they imagined that the pile of skulls outside NOW Headquarters would include A-list Hollywood producers and Democrat megadonors, a very liberal Democrat senator, two and perhaps three very left-wing congressmen, and an increasing number of reliably left-wing media figures.

I would predict that — after the Alabama senate election is decided, most definitely not before — we are going to begin to see in the media and the press a call to reconsider the definition of what constitutes sexual misconduct and how allegations of sexual misconduct ought to be handled. We’ve seen some foreshadowing of this in calls to, for example, give Al Franken a break because he’s “one of the good guys.” Maybe there will be a call for a return of the “one-grope rule” that was formulated back in 1998 to help Bill Clinton escape judgment for his own sexual misconduct. The progressive left is going to have to do something to avoid being destroyed by the monster they created when they dumbed down “sexual misconduct” to mean, “He asked me for a date more than once after I refused.”

There is a precedent in American History for a time when it was demanded that due process be cast aside, that “women must be believed,” because the accusations being made were so serious, and so harmful to the community. At the end of this period, 19 people had been executed for witchcraft. I guess you could argue that the approach was a success since nobody in Salem, Massachusetts practiced witchcraft for a long time after that. But when it was over, people began rethinking whether accusations alone were enough to suspend due process, and whether the whole exercise had really been as good an idea as it had seemed in the beginning.

Democrats Helping Their Constituents

Posted by V the K at 10:49 am - November 29, 2017.
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A Philadelphia City Councilwoman wants to make it easier for thugs to rob convenience stores, liquor stores, and other businesses.

A controversial bill is currently working its way through city hall designed to regulate ‘stop and go’ liquor stores. One part of the bill would force business owners to take down bulletproof glass inside their stores. But at what cost to their safety?

It’s called the ‘Stop and Go’ bill and is being offered by city councilwoman Cindy Bass.

“Right now, the plexiglass has to come down,” she said.


Bass says she’s battling for her constituents.

Oh, she sure is.



Pavlov’s Democrats

Posted by V the K at 8:47 am - November 29, 2017.
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Thousands of people who didn’t know what the CFPB was last Thursday are totally up in arms and screeching that for Donald Trump to appoint one of his people to head the agency (which is what presidents do with executive branch agencies) is overthrowing the rule of law, or something.

Likewise, now that PDT has called out Elizabeth Warren for claiming Native American ancestry in order to get Affirmative Action points, a lot of Democrats have decided that Cultural Appropriation is OK under certain circumstances (i.e. When a Democrat does it) and it’s an outrageous racist slur to point out when a Democrat has done so. Suddenly, the white privilege of claiming to be a minority for personal benefit is cool again.

Oh, and also, “Don’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t hate Trump” is an actual thing.

But those people are pikers compared to the Democrat leftists who are having a hissy fit because… I am not making this upMelania Trump decorated the White House for Christmas.

Forget the Upside Down. The real strangest thing of 2017 is that the White House has chosen to get into the Christmas spirit by making the Presidential residence look like a dark alternate dimension where everything is dying and all hope is lost. I mean, it’s definitely appropriate, but it’s still a bizarre decision.

This isn’t just one left-wing media outlet’s take, either. Vox went there. The Daily Beast went there. Quite a few places went there, actually.

Such are the wages of Trump derangement; anything that Trump or anyone in his family does sends the left and NeverTrumpers like Bill Kristol and Evan McMuffin into fits of spittle-flecked derangement.

I realized yesterday the PDT doesn’t have a pet, and I think that’s for the best. I’d hate for millions of kittens and puppies to get slaughtered just because Trump-Derangers turned on them.

To be fair, Melania’s White House Christmas décor isn’t to my taste, but then neither was Michelle Obama’s “Suburban Mall on the Verge of Bankruptcy” Christmas look from last year.